The Intersection of Self-Driving Cars and Personal Injury

Robots v. People is not a current case pending in the Supreme Court…yet. The recent developments in autonomous vehicles has some drawing comparisons to an episode of Westworld. But the main reason self-driving cars attract news coverage is due to a flurry of recent accidents. In March of this year, an Uber prototype struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona, begging the question: who is responsible?

Volvo, Mecerdes-Benz and others stepped up to the plate by announcing that they will accept responsibility for damages caused by their vehicles when in autonomous operation. Some states have already enacted legislation which would require manufactures of autonomous vehicles to accept responsibility.

No need for concern, though, about uncertainties in the law – the earliest report of driverless cars coming to the general market is 2020, though some say these vehicles, regardless of improvements in testing and research, will never become reality.

Thus, chances are if you’re involved in a car accident, human error is still the culprit. The legal team at Kalamaya |Goscha can help you navigate your claim to ensure you are fairly compensated for you injuries.

For more information regarding personal injury claims in the Vail and Roaring Fork Valleys contact Aspen attorneys, Ryan Kalamaya and Georgina Melbye, or Glenwood Springs attorney, Michael Fox at 970-315-2365. Kalamaya | Goscha has law offices located in Edwards, Glenwood Springs and Aspen.

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