Estate Planning

Trusts and Divorce with Kim Willoughby – Ep. 20

May 20,2021

Trusts are a common tool that families can use to protect their wealth for generations to come. If a beneficiary of a trust is going through a divorce, is the spouse entitled to part of the trust’s income or assets as part of a spousal claim? Top family law attorney Kim Willoughby joins Ryan Kalamaya  and Amy Goscha on […]

Valuing Trust Interests in Divorce

March 14,2019

Many individuals believe that if they put property in a trust, it will protect them from the other spouse getting to the property in a divorce. This overall generalization is false. In Colorado, the proper analysis to determine whether a beneficiary spouse’s interest in a trust is subject to equitable division, there has to be […]

Amy Goscha Featured in Vail Daily’s Glow Magazine Article on Estate Planning

December 15,2016

GLOW Magazine, Women’s Guide to Mountain Living -Article By Kimberly Nicoletti Fifty-five percent of adults in the U.S. do not have their affairs in order: they don’t even have a basic will. Overall, Vail Valley probably falls close to the national stat, says attorney Amy Goscha of RKV Law. And, it’s a wake-up call to […]