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Everything was fine until the police showed up and arrested you. Now you’re worried about your job and whether you’re going to jail. How bad is this going to get? You haven’t slept much since it happened.

We know what this is like.

Who We Are

Greg Greer, Georgina Melbye, Michael Fox, Elizabeth Hardman, Nick James, and Megan Bibliowicz form the backbone of the firm’s criminal defense practice. This team of criminal defense attorneys includes former prosecutors and public defenders unparalleled in defending those charged with crimes in the Roaring Fork Valley, Vail Valley, Western Slope or the Front Range.

Our reputation as skilled trial lawyers enables us to obtain favorable results during pre-trial negotiations.

Issues We Handle

Team Defense

Kalamaya | Goscha uses a team approach in representing people accused of crimes.

Georgina worked as a prosecutor and appears in court on a weekly basis. She has taken multiple criminal trials to verdict in Aspen and Eagle.

The other side of the team comes from a public defender background. For twenty-five years, Greg Greer has helped thousands of Garfield County clients successfully make their way through a difficult criminal justice system. In 1987, he was chosen to head the Glenwood Springs Regional Public Defender’s office, covering the entire Ninth Judicial District and Eagle County in the Fifth Judicial District. 

Similarly, Michael Fox was a criminal defense attorney with the Colorado Public Defender’s Office in Colorado Springs. He has defended 100s of felony and misdemeanor drug, assault, theft, DUI and other criminal cases with numerous cases going to trial.

Elizabeth Hardman worked as a Deputy State Public Defender in Weld County, Colorado. She represented hundreds of clients, both adult and juvenile, involving forcible sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact, assault on a peace officer, assault, domestic violence assault and obstruction of telephone service, violation of a protection order, child abuse, DUI/DWAI, and theft.

Nick James has also worked as a public defender in El Paso County where he handled thousands of criminal cases as a Senior Deputy Public Defender. Nick took every level criminal case to trial as a public defender and relishes the challenges that come when handling major criminal cases.

Megan Bibliowicz was a former private criminal defense attorney and deputy district attorney in Jefferson County. She has extensive courtroom experience, having tried over 50 jury trials ranging from homicides and sexual assaults to traffic related cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

To read our answers to criminal defense FAQs, click here.

Skilled & Experienced

Greg, Georgina, Michael Fox, Elizabeth Hardman, and Nick James are familiar with all of the prosecutors and judges in Aspen, Vail, Eagle, Glenwood Springs, El Jebel, Rifle, Grand Junction, Summit and El Paso County. They recognize when a plea bargain is fair and when to set a case for trial. Megan is also very familiar with all of the prosecutors and judges along the Front Range and in the Denver Metro Area.

A number of the firm’s cases have been reported in the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Denver Post, Aspen Daily News, Aspen Times, Vail Daily and other news outlets. Our clients have included Hollywood celebrities, blue-collar workers, single mothers, successful business executives, and teenagers.

Awards Matter

Any criminal defense attorney can tell you how great they are. We point people to our results, testimonials and awards. Greg was selected for the Colorado Defense Bar Gideon Award, which is presented to Colorado Lawyers for remarkable effort to fulfill the promise of Gideon v. Wainwright and dedication to advocacy on behalf of the poor. He has been named a Colorado Super Lawyer for criminal defense.

Similarly, both Georgina and Michael Fox boast numerous 5-star reviews on Avvo.

Kalamaya | Goscha moves mountains for those unfairly accused of crimes in Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Vail, Grand Junction and Denver. If you, a friend or family member has been arrested, please call one of our attorneys to find out your rights.

Transparent Flat Fees & Payment Plans

We are one of the only criminal defense attorneys in Colorado that is fully transparent about our rates and billing practices. We accept all major credit cards, cash or check. Most of our clients prefer to pay a flat fee. We are flexible on payment plans for flat fees. And unlike most criminal defense attorneys, we also offer hourly rates if you want to only pay for our time. Read more about our flat fees, hourly rates & payment plans here.

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