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Colorado Drug Laws & Crimes

Drug charges often involve addiction, dependency, and abuse. This can be difficult because the criminalization and arrest process for people charged with drug crimes can be counterproductive to their actual drug issues.

While Colorado drug laws have moved towards a more lenient place for people who use marijuana, possessing most controlled substances in Colorado is still a felony. Colorado Drug Laws received a massive overhaul in 2013, after the passage of Amendment 64. This was in large part an effort by the state legislature to stop drug offenders from serving long prison sentences for simple drug possession. In fact, the laws for simple possession charges now include language that state that upon sentencing, a person should receive drug treatment and rehabilitation before they can be incarcerated for the crime.

Possible Resolutions

There are a multitude of different types of resolutions for drug cases, involving potential drug court, outpatient treatment, inpatient rehab, and sobriety testing. Aspen Drug Crimes, Glenwood Springs Drug Crimes, Vail Drugs Crimes, and all Colorado Drug Crimes all feed into specific treatment facilities. We are familiar with the local drug treatment options and often work with treatment providers to get the best treatment for our clients. At Kalamaya Goscha, we try to leverage all available options to tailor our case strategy to every person’s specific situation and minimize their criminal exposure.


The penalties for Colorado drug crimes can also be complex and hard to understand. There are unique aspects to these penalties in that often, after treatment, certain crimes are able to be downgraded to misdemeanors. This is called being wobbler eligible.

The Colorado drug crime penalties are:

Class Minimum Range Maximum Range Offender Surcharge Possible Fine Parole
Drug felony 1 8 years prison 32 years prison $4000 $5k – $1 mil 3 years
Drug felony 2 4 years prison 8 years prison $3000 $3k – $750k 2 years
Drug felony 3 2 years prison 4 years prison $2000 $2k – $500k 1 year
Drug felony 4  6 months prison 1 year prison $1,500 $1k – $100k 1 year
Drug Misdemeanor 1 6 months jail 18 months jail $1000 $0 – $5k
Drug Misdemeanor 2 0 months jail 1 year jail $300 $0 – $750