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You are under a lot of stress and have questions about the legal process and what comes next. We are committed to educating you about the Colorado divorce process and helping you move forward with their lives. Whether you are planning for divorce, or divorce proceedings have been initiated by your spouse, we have the knowledge and experience to help protect your financial and emotional interests.

The Divorce Process

In Colorado, a divorce is the legal process to end a marriage. A petition to “dissolve the marriage” is filed with the court by either one party or jointly.

There are three primary approaches to divorce: settlement/mediation, litigation, and collaborative law. To read more about mediation and litigation, click here.

While we regularly use alternative methods to settle divorce issues, we recognize that disputes involving parental responsibilities (child custody), child support and spousal support, and property division often necessitate taking the matter to court.

Privacy Concerns

We understand the sensitive nature of difficult personal disputes and have established a reputation for handling even the most complex and contentious divorces with the utmost discretion. We are dedicated to maintaining your family’s privacy. We regularly deploy private judges, arbitrators and confidentiality orders in divorces.

Issues Involved in a Divorce

In all divorces, the court must divide property. That process is explained in detail here. If one spouse is financially dependent on the other, alimony/spousal maintenance may be awarded.

If there are kids involved, the court will have to address the allocation of parental responsibilities/custody and child support. Depending on the financial landscape of the case, maintenance/alimony may be an issue. Finally, Colorado divorce law stipulates that the court does have authority to award attorney’s fees to one party.

More Information

The following pages are useful to consider when considering a Colorado divorce.

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Kalamaya | Goscha’s Divorce Team

Kalamaya | Goscha regularly deals with divorces involving complex property issues and high-conflict parenting disputes. We often work with experts such as CPAs and financial advisors to find, characterize, value and obtain the best results for our clients. To see our divorce attorneys, click here.