Understanding the Financial Maze: How State Laws Can Influence Divorce Outcomes and Colorado’s Unique Stance with Brian Walters | Episode 179

November 30,2023

Divorce is like navigating a labyrinth of emotions, legalities, and, most pertinently, financial consequences. The path you tread and the outcome you face can vary dramatically depending on the state laws that govern your divorce proceedings. State-specific divorce laws are not just legal formalities etched in statute books. They have real, palpable impacts on the […]

Co-Parenting Through the Holidays: Making the Most of Special Time with Your Kids | Episode 178

November 20,2023

The holiday season often brings complex emotions and logistics for divorced or separated parents. On this re-broadcasted episode of Divorce at Altitude, we’ll offer guidance on navigating holiday parenting time after a split. First, we’ll explain the key differences between regular and holiday parenting schedules. Next, we’ll go over important factors to consider, like your […]

Exploring the Intersection of Law, Music, and Sports with Chip Dunn | Episode 177

November 20,2023

Join us as we invite our associated attorney, Chip Dunn, to share his personal journey into the field of law. From a young age, Chip’s parents instilled in him a strong sense of service which eventually led him to law school in Charleston, South Carolina. His dedication and passion have seen him practice family law […]

Exploring the Future of Legal Practice with Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals in Colorado with Judge Arkin | Episode 176

October 19,2023

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Judge Angela Arkin and Amy Goscha on the evolution and implementation of the Licensed Legal Paraprofessional (LLP) program in Colorado. We explore the day-to-day work of an LLP will be in the field of family law, including their ability to practice law independently of lawyers and represent parties […]

Insights into Disputing Colorado Divorce Agreements with Chip Dunn | Episode 175

October 12,2023

Ever wonder what it would take to invalidate a divorce agreement in Colorado? This week, we’ve got our associate attorney Chip Dunn with us, breaking down the complex legalities behind challenging or invalidating a divorce agreement. Chip and Ryan dissect the court review processes to understanding the weight of financial disclosure and tackle how rule […]

Spotlight on Senior Associate Elizabeth Rose Hardman: A Journey from Alaska to Colorado’s Courtrooms | Episode 174

October 05,2023

This week on Divorce at Altitude, we turn the spotlight to our very own Elizabeth Rose Hardman, a senior associate at our firm, Kalamaya | Goscha. We talk about the journey that brought her from the icy plains of Alaska to the challenges of Colorado’s courtrooms. As Elizabeth shares her passion for justice and her […]

The Role of a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert with Allison Decent | Episode 173

September 28,2023

Join us on a compelling exploration of the intricate world of divorce real estate with our guest Allison Decent,  Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE), as we explore her unique certification and how it benefits divorce attorneys and their clients. Allison is not just an expert; she’s a beacon of knowledge in her field, breaking […]

Five Tips for Drafting a Premarital Agreement with Elizabeth Hardman | Episode 172

September 22,2023

Join Ryan Kalamaya and one of our family law attorneys Elizabeth Hardman in our insightful discussion as they share their top five tips for those contemplating a premarital agreement. We’ll shed light on the benefits of such agreements and emphasize the significance of engaging legal counsel to guarantee its validity and enforceability and why discussions […]

Understanding and Combating Financial Abuse in Divorce with Lisa Zeiderman | Episode 171

September 14,2023

Matrimonial attorney Lisa Ziderman joins Ryan on this episode of Divorce at Altitude to discuss financial abuse and manipulation within a marital context. Lisa is the managing partner of Miller Zeiderman LLP in New York City and serves as the Vice President of the executive board for Savvy Ladies, which is a nationwide non-profit that helps women empower themselves through […]

Exploring the Transformative Power of Sabbaticals: Lessons from Portugal and Spain | Episode 169

September 07,2023

Drawn from Ryan’s recent two-month sojourn in the charming locales of Portugal and Spain, this episode focuses on navigating the intriguing concept of sabbaticals. Amy and Ryan focus on the profound transformative power of time-off, a narrative rich with insights that will inspire you to contemplate your own venture. They also scrutinize the diverse programs […]

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