Private Judging in a Divorce with Hon. Angela Arkin – Ep. 25

June 04,2021

Many divorce cases use mediators, special masters, and private judges. What are each of those and when are they used in a divorce case? Amy Goscha and Honorable Angela Arkin, discuss the role of mediators, special masters, and private judges in divorces in Colorado.  In This Episode: –       Scenarios where a private judge is beneficial […]

Understanding CFI or PRE Reports in a Colorado Custody Battle with John Zervopoulos – Ep. 23

June 04,2021

A crucial aspect in most custody battles in family law cases is a report from a custody expert, such as a Child Family Investigator or Parental Responsibility Evaluator.  Ryan Kalamaya  and Dr. John Zervopoulos cover 4 steps to analyze the report and recommendations from a CFI or PRE.  In This Episode: –       Reading a CFI […]

Trusts and Divorce with Kim Willoughby – Ep. 20

May 20,2021

Trusts are a common tool that families can use to protect their wealth for generations to come. If a beneficiary of a trust is going through a divorce, is the spouse entitled to part of the trust’s income or assets as part of a spousal claim? Top family law attorney Kim Willoughby joins Ryan Kalamaya  and Amy Goscha on […]

Surviving an Abusive Spouse and Thinking Positively about Divorce with Jennifer Coulson – Ep. 18

May 12,2021

Studies show that almost 50% of women have experienced some form of psychological aggression by an intimate partner during their lifetime. Whether you come to the realization of the unhealthiness of your marriage on your own or through therapy, the divorce process can seem daunting at first, especially when kids are involved.  Vail Valley realtor […]

Benefits of e-Discovery for Divorce Lawyers with Brett Burney – Ep. 14

April 22,2021

Living in the age of electronic information can be challenging especially when it comes to legal technology and e-discovery. The vast majority of family law cases involve some form of e-discovery from text messages, social media posts, email, and more.  Ryan Kalamaya sits down with Brett Burney to discuss different solutions he uses with clients to combat common […]

Surviving Divorce with Kids, with Monica Brizendine – Ep. 12

April 15,2021

For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. When you said those vows, you meant every word of it and never prepared yourself for the end. Maybe you saw it coming, maybe you didn’t. Either way, going through a divorce affects every single area of your life and […]

An Alternative Approach to Colorado’s Maintenance Formula

April 13,2021

There are many ways to analyze spousal maintenance. Divorce lawyers and parties will often focus on the approach that works to their advantage. Obviously one way is to focus exclusively on the income of each party and the formulas under Colorado’s “maintenance guidelines.” But that’s not the only way, and the guidelines are technically inapplicable […]

Selling Real Estate in a Divorce with Aspen Realtor Chris Klug – Ep. 10

April 09,2021

Selling a house can be one of the biggest challenges that arises during the divorce process. Aspen realtor Chris Klug joins Ryan Kalamaya on Episode 10 of Divorce at Altitude to discuss what a realtor can do to ensure that both parties are able to get the most value for one of the biggest assets in a […]

Maintaining Health and Wellness During Divorce with Dr. Susan Darrah – Ep. 8

April 09,2021

The stress and grief that comes with experiencing a life altering event such as divorce, can affect someone both physically and emotionally. In episode 8 of Divorce at Altitude, Dr. Susan Harrah joins Amy Goscha to discuss the main areas of your health that you should focus on during the divorce process.  In This Episode –       How […]

The History and Science of Alimony in Colorado

March 30,2021

Every divorcing client asks us: how much will I pay/receive in alimony? There’s an emotional element to paying spousal maintenance. Whether that is right or wrong, the first step is to ask whether there will even be spousal maintenance.  Assuming that the situation passes the “threshold test” from our previous email, the next step is […]

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