What to do with Stock Options in a Divorce with Kenneth Naes | Episode 111

June 20,2022

Stock options become an issue in a divorce when they aren’t evaluated properly. Today we are joined by Kenneth Naes, financial advisor and stock option expert, to discuss stock options and how they affect a divorce. Tuning in, you will hear all about stock options and why they become a problem during a divorce. We delve […]

Witness Preparation in a Divorce Case with Jessica Brylo | Episode 110

June 20,2022

First impressions are essential to success, especially in court and legal proceedings. Giving other parties and authorities a good perception of yourself in court is key to your credibility, which ultimately helps win a case. Today’s guest Jessica Brylo, J.D., M.A. is an expert in witness preparation and the owner of Trial Dynamics, a national […]

Revisiting Invalidating and Contesting Marital Agreements with Jim Bailey, Esq. | Episode 108

June 20,2022

With divorce rates on the rise, more and more couples are electing to sign a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle. Recently the celebrity world has seen its fair share of drama when it comes to enforcing prenups… from Dr. Dre’s ex wife ripping up the document and claiming more than $2 million in […]

High Asset Divorces in Colorado | Episode 105

June 20,2022

The more money people have, the more resources they have to fight in a divorce scenario. This week, we’re tackling the topic of high-asset divorces and the unique issues that arise. We delve into the complexity of asset valuation, the question of generational wealth, property allocation, and tax implications, as well as the complications of […]

Using Technology in Modern Family Law Firms | Episode 104

June 20,2022

Technology has moved at a rapid pace in the past two decades, especially when it comes to social media and new forms of communication. As a result, lawyers need to be up to date on the many different formats evidence can come in, whether it’s a crucial series of text messages or a video on […]

LLP Programs and Access to Justice in Colorado with Maha Kamal | Episode 102

May 09,2022

Welcome to another episode of Divorce at Altitude. Joining us in conversation today is Maha Kamal, founding attorney at Colorado Family Law Project. Join us to learn who qualifies for an LLP’s support, what Access to Justice is, and how the LLP program looks to solve simple divorce cases.  Maha sees the role of an […]

Juvenile Delinquency Issues in Divorce Cases with Elizabeth Hardman | Episode 100

April 25,2022

When a child becomes involved in a court case, there are different proceedings followed, other players involved in the system, and separate issues relating to information and safety regarding the child. Cases can become increasingly complicated when you have a juvenile issue going on with a pending family law matter.  Today we welcome to the […]

Work-Product Experts in Custody Evaluations with Dr. Andrew Loizeaux | Episode 98

April 11,2022

When it comes to custody evaluations, the court has to be thorough. CFI reports can prove to be inadequate if not paired with guidance and a better understanding of the nuances at play. This is where the work-product expert comes into the picture.  Joining us to explain the invaluable role of work-product experts in custody […]

The Difference Between CFIs and PREs and the Role of an Attorney CFI with Erika Gebhardt | Episode 96

April 06,2022

Following Episode 91 on PREs, this week, we are talking about Child and Family Investigators (CFIs). We are honored to have attorney CFI, Erika Gebhardt, here to talk us through this arm of the court and outline the process that follows from the time she takes on a case. For the first five years of her practice, […]

Divorcing a Narcissist with Tracy Malone | Episode 94

April 06,2022

This week we are talking about narcissistic abuse and the issues that arise when navigating divorce with someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. We are joined by Boulder-based author, narcissistic abuse survival coach, and founder of narcissistabusesupport.com, Tracy Malone. Tracy is a survivor of narcissistic abuse herself and she is here today to share her experience and […]

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