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A 10 Step Guide to a Criminal Jury Trial

Many people expect a jury trial will look like what they see on T.V. In reality, a jury trial is a complex process with many steps. This article presents an overview of generally what to expect from when you set your case for a criminal jury trial through when you get the verdict.   Step […]

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Re-Opening Your Divorce: Duty of Financial Disclosure in Your Colorado Divorce Case

C.R.C.P. 16.2 If a party to a divorce is found to have failed to disclose a material asset within a 5-year period, the court may re-open the divorce in order to redistribute property and debts. Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 16.2(e)(10). Parties in a divorce action are required under the Colorado Rule of Civil […]

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How to File a Civil Protection Order – Kalamaya | Goscha Law Firm

There is a common question lawyers get when someone is victimized. That question is, “what can I do?” This is an oversimplified solution, but typically there are 3 options. 1. call the police, 2. file a civil lawsuit, or 3. file a civil protection order. Civil Protection Orders Under Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-14-100, civil […]

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Colorado Divorce Overview

Thinking of Getting a Divorce? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Studies have shown that the experience of separation and divorce are so traumatic as to rank second only to the death of a close loved one in terms of emotional turmoil, pain, and stress. Not only is divorce accompanied by feelings of guilt, rejection, embarrassment, and anger, but the process also causes fear and uncertainty […]

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