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The Difference Between DUI and DWAI

What is a DWAI? Most people recognize the acronym “DUI” and know that it stands for “driving under the influence.” Fewer people recognize the term “DWAI” which means “driving while ability impaired.” In Colorado, DWAI is the lesser offense to DUI. From a BAC (blood alcohol content) perspective, DUI is any result .08 or higher. […]

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Colorado DUI Enforcement Up This Holiday Season

The Vail and Roaring Fork Valleys’ Police increased their DUI enforcement this holiday season.  Mountain Police Departments continued “The Heat is On Campaign,” to increase DUI Patrols during peak holiday times. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, about 60 people are arrested for DUI in Colorado a day. The 5thJudicial district has the highest […]

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Unbundled Legal Services

If you are considering hiring an attorney to assist you in your family law case, you have options when it comes to the type of legal services you can obtain. When a client traditionally hires an attorney, she pays a retainer to the attorney and the attorney is responsible for assisting the client through all […]

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The Scooter Fad Hits Road Bumps

Chances are if you have visited any metropolitan area lately, you have noticed an army of electric scooters on the streets. Only six months ago, investors were so eager to get into the electric scooter market, that one of the main companies, Bird Rides Inc., was valued at $2 billion. However, excitement has declined with […]

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