Financial Abuse: Forming a Strategy in Divorce with Lisa Zeiderman | Episode 194

Divorce at Altitude Podcast

In this episode of Divorce at Altitude, we revisit a conversation with matrimonial attorney Lisa Zeiderman. She lends her considerable expertise to shed light on the shadowy aspects of financial abuse and manipulation within marriages. Serving as the managing partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP, Lisa’s strides into the terrain of financial forensics are as calculative as they are compassionate. 

Ryan and Lisa discuss the fine line between simple naivety and deliberate abuse in marital finances. They also talk about: 

  •  Proactive strategies for safeguarding your financial interests.
  •  The meticulous dance of discovery in divorce proceedings.
  •  Choosing an attorney who’s not just a legal gladiator but a financial confidant.
  • The underestimated alliance with forensic accountants & valuation experts.