Current Real Estate Market Trends and Divorce with Tina Parks – Ep. 45

August 30,2021

Amy Goscha and real estate agent Tina Parks discuss current real estate market trends and give advice to anyone looking to buy or sell their home during a divorce in the current sellers market.  In This Episode Real estate market in 2021 How the current market can affect property division in a divorce Tips and tricks for listing […]

Understanding CFI or PRE Reports in a Colorado Custody Battle with John Zervopoulos – Ep. 23

June 04,2021

A crucial aspect in most custody battles in family law cases is a report from a custody expert, such as a Child Family Investigator or Parental Responsibility Evaluator.  Ryan Kalamaya  and Dr. John Zervopoulos cover 4 steps to analyze the report and recommendations from a CFI or PRE.  In This Episode: –       Reading a CFI […]

Benefits of e-Discovery for Divorce Lawyers with Brett Burney – Ep. 14

April 22,2021

Living in the age of electronic information can be challenging especially when it comes to legal technology and e-discovery. The vast majority of family law cases involve some form of e-discovery from text messages, social media posts, email, and more.  Ryan Kalamaya sits down with Brett Burney to discuss different solutions he uses with clients to combat common […]

Maintaining Health and Wellness During Divorce with Dr. Susan Darrah – Ep. 8

April 09,2021

The stress and grief that comes with experiencing a life altering event such as divorce, can affect someone both physically and emotionally. In episode 8 of Divorce at Altitude, Dr. Susan Harrah joins Amy Goscha to discuss the main areas of your health that you should focus on during the divorce process.  In This Episode –       How […]

Premarital Agreements | Divorce at Altitude Podcast – Ep. 2

February 26,2021

In Episode 2 of Divorce at Altitude, Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha discuss the history of prenuptial agreements and how dowries have evolved into modern prenups, and current trends of reasons why couples are getting them today.

Who We Are | Divorce at Altitude – Ep. 1

February 19,2021

In episode one of Divorce at Altitude, Ryan shares the story of Eric Wolff and his divorce experience that resonates with many individuals going through or thinking about divorce.  Amy shares her journey of becoming a divorce lawyer and how her experience working in a juvenile center and clerking for a family law judge helped […]

Jared Polis Signs Law Increasing Damage Caps

April 26,2019

On April 9, 2019, Governor Jared Polis signed a law increasing the lawsuit damage caps. The law represents the first increase in damage caps in 10 years and will go into effect on January 1, 2020. The new law raised the caps on non-economic damages, wrongful death, solatium and the dram shop social host statutes […]

Valuing Trust Interests in Divorce

March 14,2019

Many individuals believe that if they put property in a trust, it will protect them from the other spouse getting to the property in a divorce. This overall generalization is false. In Colorado, the proper analysis to determine whether a beneficiary spouse’s interest in a trust is subject to equitable division, there has to be […]

The Scooter Fad Hits Road Bumps

December 11,2018

Chances are if you have visited any metropolitan area lately, you have noticed an army of electric scooters on the streets. Only six months ago, investors were so eager to get into the electric scooter market, that one of the main companies, Bird Rides Inc., was valued at $2 billion. However, excitement has declined with […]

Ins and Outs of Jury Selection in Colorado

November 19,2018

Jury selection or “voir dire” is commonly regarded as the most important part of the American trial system. Cases are won and lost in jury selection, even before evidence is heard. Voir Dire in Latin means to “speak the truth.” This in some ways refers to the conversation that jurors have with the opposing lawyers […]

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