About Our Law Firm

At Kalamaya | Goscha, we are not just a team of award-winning trial lawyers. We are also passionate skiers, runners, mountain bikers, motocross riders, and avid readers who are proud to call the majestic peaks and valleys of Colorado our home. Our shared love for the outdoors and intellectual pursuits forms the bedrock of our unique approach to law – one that is driven by passion, informed by personal experiences, and dedicated to serving Colorado’s modern mountain communities.

We specialize in personal disputes – from divorce and child custody disputes to criminal defense, DUI/DWAI, personal injury, auto accidents, ski accidents, and wrongful death. Our expertise lies in navigating the complex terrain of these cases with the same determination and resilience that we bring to scaling Colorado’s highest peaks.

Our attorneys come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. But despite our differences, we share a common vision – a vision shaped by our personal experiences and our commitment to our families, friends, and the extended Kalamaya | Goscha family. It’s this support network that fuels our work, inspiring us to deliver extraordinary, efficient, and compassionate services to our clients.

The camaraderie we share is palpable and infectious. Our practices complement one another, creating a synergy that allows us to be resources for each other. It’s this blend of similarities and differences that empowers Kalamaya | Goscha to move mountains for our clients.

Just as every mountaineer knows, the journey to the summit is not an easy one. It’s filled with challenges and obstacles. But like any seasoned mountaineer, we believe in the power of preparation, strategy, and unwavering commitment to our goal. This ethos is encapsulated in our tagline: “Scaling New Heights: Redefining Excellence One Summit at a Time.”

In the end, it’s not just about winning cases – it’s about building relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. It’s about redefining what it means to be a law firm. So let’s start this journey together, and let’s scale new heights of legal excellence, one summit at a time.