Introduction on Colorado Divorce Process – Season 1

How do you file for divorce in Colorado? What kind of financial disclosures are necessary? Is divorce mediation an option? What if I think my spouse is hiding money?

We answer these questions and more in Season 1 on the Divorce Process. The first step in any divorce is to understand the legal process and system involved. When you understand the different routes and options for your journey, you will be able to prepare your climb and summit the mountain that is in front of you.

For additional resources on getting a divorce in Colorado, you can listen to our Divorce at Altitude podcast. Each week, Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha give weekly to divorce, including conversations with experts such as custody evaluators, CPAs, mediators, and family law judges.

#1 How to File for Divorce in Colorado
#2 Automatic Temporary Injunction in a Divorce
#3 Mandated Disclosures in a Colorado Divorce
#4 Discovery in a Divorce
#5 Temporary Orders in a Colorado Divorce
#6 Expert Witnesses in Divorce Cases
#7 Colorado Divorce Mediation
#8 Permanent Orders Hearing in a Colorado Divorce
#9 Divorce Settlement Documents in Colorado
#10 What is the Difference Between a Legal Separation vs Divorce in Colorado?