Why Kalamaya | Goscha

We Solve Problems

People come to attorneys for advice and assistance on complex issues. Clients want a lawyer who listens, understands, and solves their problem. People want results. And they want to know how much it will cost. Given how easy it is for the modern consumer to compare restaurants, cars, or skis, prospective legal clients should demand more information before selecting an attorney. Unfortunately, the legal profession has historically been slow to adopt change.

Seeking to fill that void, Kalamaya | Goscha takes a novel, transparent approach to practicing law in the Central Rockies, Western Slope and Denver Metro Area. We are one of the only Colorado law firms that publishes our pricing online. Ask around and do your research – we’re confident that you’ll find our experience comforting and philosophy a breath of fresh air. We take the long view on life. Below are a few ways we are different than the rest.

A Different Kind of Law Firm

Since the Great Recession, we have been telling anyone that will listen that the practice of law has dramatically changed. And this change has increased exponentially with COVID-19. We use cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency and accessibility. We started using Zoom years before it became common during the pandemic. Our model is built on the premise that clients want high-quality service and results with minimal fluff. Clients of Kalamaya | Goscha benefit from these savings. They work directly with us to efficiently solve their problem.

Relationships Matter

At Kalamaya | Goscha, we leverage our relationships and the distinct aspects of our communities to move mountains for our clients. We are familiar faces in the courthouses in Aspen, Glenwood, Eagle, Grand Junction, Breckenridge, Denver and elsewhere. We know the names of the receptionists at other law firms and the clerks for the judges. Our results speak for themselves.

Leaders in the Community

We are also active leaders in the local and legal community. Like our clients, we value civic engagement. We are members and leaders of a variety of local organizations. We are also actively involved in various state and national legal associations. We take on pro bono cases for the less fortunate because we recognize our responsibility as lawyers to serve the public. Kalamaya | Goscha takes the long view on living and practicing law in Colorado

Fewer Clients, Better Lawyers

We take on fewer clients than other law firms for a variety of reasons. First, we take great pride in our work. We have been recognized by our peers and former clients for our ability to handle complex matters. Look around. See what our former clients say about our work. It is an honor to receive awards, win trials, and hear our clients rave about us. But our awards, victories, and recognition are only possible because we have the time to think about the nuances of each case.

Second, our team’s wellness matters. We have families of our own. We are better attorneys because we can rely on the support and love of our family. Moreover, we are able to spend the necessary time to truly listen to our client’s needs and solve the problem. Many of our clients become personal friends after our work is done.

Finally, by limiting the number of clients we accept, we are accessible. At Kalamaya | Goscha, you will be working directly with us. We answer our phones and respond to your emails. If an emergency comes up, we’ll be there for you.

Transparent Pricing

We are committed to providing value to all clients throughout their journey with us to the summit. Kalamaya | Goscha is focused on moving mountains for its clients that justifies the cost of sophisticated legal services.

We tell our clients how much it will cost to settle their divorce with flat fees. We are a law firm built for the 21st Century. We operate efficiently without unnecessary expenses. Our firm is lean and nimble. Our clients benefit from our transparent, attractive, and convenient billing methods. Kalamaya | Goscha offers flat-fee, tiered billing, and alternative fee arrangements in addition to the traditional billable hour for divorces, child custody disputes, DUIs and criminal cases. We nearly always work on a contingent fee basis for personal injury, ski accidents and wrongful death claims. We match our fee arrangements to the needs of our clients – not to the convenience of our law firm.

Experience Matters

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience. We understand how to solve legal problems. We have represented a broad spectrum of individuals throughout hundreds of cases. We have advised Fortune 500 business executives, well-known celebrities, developers, real estate brokers and local professionals. We have also represented students, single parents, and young children.

We look forward to hearing your legal issue and partnering with you to find the best route for your ascent to the summit. At Kalamaya | Goscha, we move mountains for our clients.