Child Support/Spousal Maintenance Video Guide – Season 4

Navigating the complexities of different types of support during a Colorado divorce can be difficult.

In Season 4, we breakdown the intricacies of spousal maintenance and child support in a Colorado divorce series of short video episodes. These short, informative videos are packed with decades of our legal expertise, covering key areas such as understanding the intricacies of spousal maintenance, formulating a realistic child support plan, and exploring potential avenues for modifying support obligations.

For additional resources on getting a divorce in Colorado, you can listen to our Divorce at Altitude podcast. Each week, Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha give weekly to divorce, including conversations with experts such as custody evaluators, CPAs, mediators, and family law judges.

#1 What is alimony?
#2 What is a spousal maintenance buyout?
#3 How do maintenance waivers in pre-ups work in Colorado?
#4 What is permanent maintenance?