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Family Law, Personal Injury & Criminal Defense

Georgina Melbye is a trial attorney with experience in family law, criminal defense and personal injuries. She has certifications in collaborative law and mediation and has completed intensive trial skills training at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

Georgina specializes in driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while ability impaired (DWAI) cases. Georgina has handled over 100 DUI and DWAI cases in Pitkin, Garfield, and Eagle County. If you find yourself facing a charge for DUI, Georgina will go the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Knowledge & Skills

Prior to joining Kalamaya | Goscha, Georgina worked with the Honorable Elizabeth Starrs in Denver District Court. Georgina grew familiar with family law issues including divorce and child custody.

After working with Judge Starrs, Georgina strengthened her litigation skills working at the Boulder District Attorney’s Office where she took three misdemeanor cases to trial and argued numerous motions. Georgina’s time at the District Attorney’s office allows her to analyze a criminal case from multiple angles.

Georgina has helped her clients charged with alcohol related driving offenses reach satisfactory outcomes in their cases. In April 2017, she took a DUI case to trial against the elected district attorney. After deliberating for almost four hours, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

Georgina’s representation extends to fighting for your privilege to drive by requesting a license revocation hearing through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Notably, she successfully argued that a police officer improperly pulled over a vehicle which resulted in the client keeping a valid driver’s license.

Georgina has also handled a variety of domestic relations cases. From custody disputes, to complex financial matters, Georgina can confidently assist you with every aspect of your divorce. Georgina passionately represents her clients’ interests in court. She has experience representing clients at contested final orders hearings, emergency hearings, and contempt hearings.

Finally, Georgina is a skillful advocate for people who have been injured. She has worked against major insurance companies to help clients receive the compensation they deserve quickly and efficiently. Whether in the criminal, domestic relations, or personal injury realm, Georgina vigorously advocates for her clients at some of the most challenging moments of their lives.

A Tailored Approach

Georgina strives to offer a variety of approaches to resolving legal problems.

Georgina is certified and trained in collaborative law. The foundation of the collaborative law approach is an agreement not to litigate. If a team-style, non-litigation approach to your divorce interests you, be sure to ask Georgina for more information.

In addition to a collaborative approach, Georgina also offers unbundled legal services. If you feel comfortable handling your divorce on your own but want to ensure you are reaching the best possible outcome, consider having Georgina working in the background to consult on strategy, review and edit court filings, and assist in preparation of settlement agreements. Georgina can also represent you on a limited-scope basis to prepare for and attend a court hearing.

You can rest assured that Georgina will spend the time to determine the most cost-efficient and effective representation for your individual case.



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Kalamaya | Goscha
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 21 reviews
by Kevin on Kalamaya | Goscha

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the team of people over at Kalamaya | Goscha, especially the services of Ms. Georgina Melbye. Since the very beginning of my DUI case, she was there making sure that I felt comfortable and in the know with everything going on. Being that it was my very first court case ever, the whole process felt pretty scary and overwhelming. Having Georgina there made everything clearer, less confusing, and and overall just took a lot of anxiety off my plate. When it came to the sentencing of my case, instead of simply settling on the normal sentence the judge would typically address in this scenario, Georgina spent months and months fighting to get me a better plea deal from the DA. In the end, she did exactly that, and I am so grateful. She is professional, she works hard for her clients, and most importantly she is just really good people. Easy to communicate with, straightforward, nonjudgemental and compassionate. I can’t thank Georgina and the entire team and Kalamaya Goscha enough for their time and services through such a scary and uncomfortable time. I would highly recommend to anyone going through any legal troubles.

by Wil Little on Kalamaya | Goscha

I was recently represented by Ryan Kalamaya and Georgina Melbye of Kalamaya | Goscha during a divorce in Aspen Colorado. Ryan and Georgina did an outstanding job of advising me and helping to settle the case promptly. I would certainly recommend them for anyone going through this unfortunate process.

by Chris on Kalamaya | Goscha
My first time having to get a Lawyer

Sometimes mistakes are made in life and circumstances require legal representation. This was my first time having to get a lawyer and I cannot tell u how happy I was that I went with Kalamaya/ Goscha. Georgina did everything she said she would do and fought for the best outcome possible. She took the time to communicate all the legalities concerning my case and in a way that gave me confidence for a positive outcome in my case. I am grateful for how my case ended and would recommend Georgina to anyone who needs a lawyer

by Steven on Kalamaya | Goscha
Made the dui process as easy as possible

Georgina was amazing!! She handled everything from start to finish . Very happy with the results and the timely manner it was resolved in. She was able to get it taken care of in one court visit

by Anonymous on Kalamaya | Goscha
Great job!

Georgina did a terrific job with my case. Being charged with a DUI, but she successful got it down to a DWAI without any jail time. Very friendly, down to earth and easy to talk with. She is well respected by the judge and other public prosecutors. Thank you again for all the work and I would highly recommend her if you get in any sort of drinking and driving incidents.

by Anonymous on Kalamaya | Goscha
Highly recommended

Georgina handled my case with great care and professionalism. She is very knowledgeable and was always available to answer any questions I had. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case and reasonable cost of representation.

by Travis on Kalamaya | Goscha
Pretty amazing lady. Very nice and professional

She was very attentive to making sure I knew what was going on and when things were progressing. A very nice lady and very professional. Couldn't be happier with my results.

by William on Kalamaya | Goscha
Bogas DUI

Most competent attorney I have been involved with.
as a business owner I have been exposed to many attorneys
Georgina did not handle my case as most would; she did not just act like she cared, she cared.
The positive result is proof.

by Anonymous on Kalamaya | Goscha
Best Lawyer in Colorado

Georgina has to be one of the best lawyers in the state of Colorado. Other than being very intelligent, she is very dependable and resourceful. I would recommend her any day and glad I was able to have such a professional lawyer to have my back. My case was dismissed and it could not have been done without the help of Georgina.

by Anonymous on Kalamaya | Goscha
Help During Alcohol Arrest

Georgina was extremely helpful throughout my DUI process. She accurately guided my expectations immediately after my arrest and was very understanding during a difficult experience. She spoke intelligently and effectively on my behalf during the DMV phone hearing with the arresting officer. She also accompanied me in court for sentencing and helped reach a DWAI plea agreement with the DA. The entire process proceeded as Georgina had predicted with no major surprises. Georgina was consistently available by phone and email to answer my questions and prepare for each event. I'm extremely grateful I sought her council from the beginning.

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  • University of Colorado Law School
    • J.D. in 2014
    • Graduated in top 25% of class
  • Cornell University
    • B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations in 2011
    • Captain of Varsity Equestrian Team
    • All-Ivy Academic Team
    • Cornell Tradition Fello