Property Division in Colorado Divorces – Season 3

Colorado is an equitable distribution state, which means that property is divided “equitably” or “fairly” instead of always 50/50. The judge will look at several factors to determine how to fairly divide your assets and then choose who gets what. We explain more in Season 3 on Property Division.

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#1 Property Division in a Colorado Divorce
#2 Marital and Separate Property in Colorado
#3 Dividing Marital Property
#4 Business Valuations in a Divorce
#5 What Happens to the Family Home in a Divorce
#6 Dividing Retirement Accounts in a Divorce
#7 IRAs and Divorce
#8 Dividing Qualified Retirement Plans in a Divorce
#9 Splitting Personal Property in a Colorado Divorce
#10 Economic Fault and Dissipation of Assets
#11 Trust Interests in a Divorce
#12 Gifts to the Marital Estate & Depletion of Separate Property
#13 Future Contingent Beneficial Interests in a Trust