Divorce at Altitude: A Podcast on Colorado Family Law

Challenges in Business Valuations in a Divorce with Ron Seigneur | Episode 138

January 19,2023

The pandemic has caused us to make many changes to the way we do things, and business valuations are no exception. Joining us today to discuss valuations, volatility, and so much more is business valuation expert, Ron Seigneur from Seigneur Gustafson LLP.  In this episode, you’ll hear the three imperative questions that need to be asked when it […]

Top Episodes of 2022 | Episode 137

January 19,2023

Today, we delve into our top five episodes from 2022. Tune in to hear which episodes we found most enriching and what you can learn from them, as practitioners or as someone going through a divorce. We share powerful insights from each conversation, along with practical resources from each of our guests. So tune in […]

How to Pick the Right Divorce Lawyer with Ryan and Amy | Episode 136

January 10,2023

January is known as “divorce month,” so if you’re facing a divorce now (or at any other time in the future), this episode highlights the most important factors to consider when selecting a divorce attorney. Because they are negotiating on your behalf, your divorce attorney is an extension of you, so choosing the person to […]

Empowering Women During and After Divorce with Hasana Elamin | Episode 135

January 09,2023

To transcend your circumstances, you have to change your mindset. Today’s guest is a divorce coach helping women to regain control of their lives and set the boundaries necessary to thrive. Hasana Elamin draws on her own experience of beating the odds and leaving a toxic marriage to lead women through relationship loss and all that it […]

Managing Your Assets, Investments, and Money Post-Divorce with Austyn Garcia | Episode 134

January 09,2023

It is important to understand how to split shared assets in the most suitable, future-considering, and financially savvy way. Austyn Garcia, a financial and investment advisor with Denver Wealth Management, uses hypothetical divorcees, Eric and Melanie, to explain how people should manage their finances during a divorce.  Austyn explores the different assets to consider during a divorce […]

Standard of Living for High Net Worth Women After Divorce with Olivia Summerhill | Episode 133

January 05,2023

We often use the example of the fictitious Eric and Melanie Wolf’s divorce, but today our focus is on Melanie and her lifestyle before and after divorce. We are joined by a financial expert who specializes in advising high-net-worth women during the divorce process, and after. Olivia Summerhill is a divorce financial consultant, with a background in […]

Depositions in a Divorce | Episode 132

January 05,2023

For most people, a divorce is the first time they’ve taken part in a deposition. Today, we’re talking about the what, who, and why of depositions. Join us to learn how going through a deposition can support the discovery process, often settling a case before it has to go to trial.  We discuss different purposes […]

The Who, When, Where, and What of Divorce Discovery | Episode 131

December 30,2022

There is a lot to navigate during the initial phases of the divorce process. It all starts with discovery; a process you and your attorney will approach together. During this episode, we discuss the details of the formal discovery process and the relative tools your attorney may choose to utilize to get the information you […]

The Future of Family Law and Marital Agreements or Contracts with John Hoelle | Episode 130

December 30,2022

Today on Divorce at Altitude, Ryan and family law attorney/mediator John Hoelle discuss how the evolution of thinking in the family law space has effected how some clients want to approach the end of their marriage. John is the co-founder of Conscious Family Law and Mediation and his practice is dedicated to helping clients navigate their divorce in a […]

Parenting Time During the Holidays | Episode 129

December 30,2022

The holidays are a time to be together so how do you navigate sharing your children with your ex-spouse? Today on Divorce at Altitude, we are discussing holiday parenting time. Parents often do not consider how holidays fit in with their regular parenting schedule and in this episode, we talk about the difference between the […]

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