Divorce at Altitude: A Podcast on Colorado Family Law

Arbitration Process in a Colorado Divorce | Episode 151

May 02,2023

In the right circumstances, arbitration can be a very effective tool. During today’s episode, we unpack the pros and cons of divorce arbitration with regard to children and property. Kicking off our conversation, we offer a comprehensive definition of arbitration and go into detail about professionals who can act as arbitrators.  We discuss the length […]

Parenting Coordination and Decision-Making with David Lamb | Episode 149

April 25,2023

David Lamb has focused the majority of his career on helping families and children through the legal process. During today’s conversation, he joins us to share his insights on the role of a PCDM or (Parenting Coordination Decision Making) in supporting fast problem resolution, reducing conflict, and more. Listening in, you’ll hear the best circumstances […]

How THC Use Affects Child Custody in Colorado | Episode 148

April 12,2023

Now that THC is legal in Colorado, many questions are being raised about how the consumption of the substance affects custody. In this episode, we are going to tackle some of these important questions. Today on Divorce at Altitude, you will hear all about the framework we want you to set when it comes to […]

Filing for an Annulment in Colorado | Episode 147

March 30,2023

Today, we’re taking a closer look at annulment, specifically how it relates to Colorado law. After a brief discussion of some of the famous annulment cases we know of, we find out how annulments work in Colorado, what you need to remember before filing, which grounds are acceptable for making a claim, and the different […]

Insight into the Brain’s Reaction During Divorce with Dr. Bill Crawford | Episode 146

March 29,2023

Dr. Bill Crawford has written eight books, all derived from the philosophy of ‘life from the top of the mind’. During today’s conversation, he offers a psychologist’s insight into the brain’s reaction to the divorce process and how to rise above its protective mechanisms for clear, influential communication, and constructive, fair boundary setting. We begin […]

Substance Abuse and Divorce in Colorado with John Gilburt | Episode 145

March 20,2023

Alcohol is one of the leading causes of divorce and can also be a symptom of underlying issues in a relationship. During this episode, we are joined by addiction and substance abuse expert, Dr. John Gilburt, who founded and runs Boulder Alcohol Education Centre. We cover what alcoholism is, the potential consequences of having an alcoholic or […]

The AI Revolution and its Implications for Family Law with Raiford Palmer | Episode 144

March 19,2023

The term ‘revolution’ continues to be thrown around when talking about AI, but what does this revolution mean for the world of family law, and do we need to be concerned? Returning to the show today to help us make sense of AI in law is Managing Shareholder at STG Divorce Law, Raiford Palmer.  In this episode, […]

The Essential Recipe for Finally Leaving your High Conflict Marriage with Karen McMahon | Episode 143

March 18,2023

High-conflict marriage will inevitably lead to high-conflict divorce, and today on Divorce At Altitude, divorce coach Karen McMahon is here to tell us all about her coaching plan for people looking to exit their high-conflict marriages. Tuning in, you’ll hear exactly what a high-conflict marriage is, why people stay in these unhappy marriages, how to rewire your […]

Time Management Tips for Family Law Attorneys with Marco Brown | Episode 141

March 09,2023

Don’t be misled, legal practitioners get distracted too! This week, we’re going to be talking about time management for family law attorneys. But for those who aren’t lawyers, there are some handy tips too! Marco Brown is a family law practitioner in Utah, with Brown Family Law and he joins us to share the details of his revolutionary approach […]

Should I Keep My House Post-Divorce with Jeff Landers | Episode 142

March 09,2023

People’s homes are usually their most significant financial assets, but what happens to the marital home post-divorce? Today, we are joined by CDFA, CDLP, licensed mortgage and real estate broker, and author of Divorce House Sense Jeff Landers to discuss the three options and their nuances. Jeff breaks down the complications of co-owning a house after a divorce […]

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