Divorce at Altitude: A Podcast on Colorado Family Law

Tom Brady, Professional Athletes, and Divorce with Evan Schein | Episode 128

December 16,2022

Earlier this week, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and super model Gisele Bündchen announced that they have decided to file for divorce. Divorces involving professional athletes or celebrities bring a unique set of issues due to contracts, marital agreements, media attention and more.  Ryan Kalamaya and top NYC family law attorney Evan Schein discuss challenges that come with […]

Paying Alimony or Spousal Maintenance and Retirement with Ryan and Amy | Episode 127

December 16,2022

Many people plan for retirement with their spouse in mind — and then they get divorced! During today’s episode, you will hear what it takes to qualify for spousal maintenance, and why the court might be reluctant to grant it. We touch on Colorado’s advisory guideline for maintenance and support, with a specific focus on […]

Cryptocurrency in a Colorado Divorce with Anthony A. Garcia | Episode 126

December 16,2022

Dividing assets in a divorce can be tricky, but what happens when you have cryptocurrency thrown in the mix? Anthony A. Garcia, an experienced cryptocurrency lawyer and investor, is here to unpack this complicated and lucrative investment opportunity. Anthony breaks down cryptocurrency into manageable definitions, concepts, and processes to simplify our understanding of this ever-changing field. […]

Top Divorce Consultation Questions | Episode 125

December 15,2022

Today we are re-broadcasting an episode that has aired before; we’re talking about the top seven frequently asked questions that come up in a consultation, what they are, and what our responses usually sound like. Using the example of Melanie and Eric Wolff, we ask and answer some pertinent questions common to the divorce process. […]

Trust Interests in a Colorado Divorce | Episode 124

December 15,2022

During a divorce, a lot of families will enlist family planning services and a variety of different tools to make sure that their money is going to go where they desire it to. One of the key issues that come up in divorce cases when a trust is involved is the issue of whether the […]

When is it Time for a Divorce and What Should People Consider if Trying to Reconcile with Lori Kret and Jeff Cole | Episode 123

October 17,2022

During today’s conversation, we discuss the commonly asked question of how to tell that it’s time to get a divorce. On the flip side, we look at how to know it’s time to save your marriage. Joining us to explore these questions are licensed therapists and board-certified coaches, Lori Kret and Jeff Cole.  Lori and Jeff founded the Aspen […]

Who is Erik Wolff Again | Episode 122

October 13,2022

We often refer to Eric and Melanie Wolff’s story here on our Divorce at Altitude podcast, but if you are a new listener, you might find yourself wondering who they are. In this short episode, Ryan re-shares the story of fictional divorce client Eric Wolff. Many of the scenarios and feelings that Eric and Melanie […]

Colorado LLP Program Implementation Update with Maha Kamal | Episode 121

September 18,2022

A lot has happened since our episode on the Limited License Paraprofessional’s program (LLP), a program that will authorize paraprofessionals to help solve simple divorce cases. So today, we are joined, once again, by Maha Kamal to update us on the program’s developments. As you may remember, Maha is the founding attorney of the Colorado Family Law Project and […]

Enforcing Court Orders without Filing for Contempt with Halleh Omidi, Esq. | Episode 120

September 17,2022

The most frequent types of complaints we receive from clients are issues of non-compliance. Filing for contempt of court is a common approach when dealing with non-compliance; however, this leads to rising tensions that make dealing with future issues and co-parenting difficult.  In today’s episode, Halleh Omidi, a family lawyer from Denver, discusses options to enforce […]

Navigating Divorce, Setting Boundaries, and Co-Parenting with a Narcissist or Difficult Ex with Karen McMahon | Episode 119

September 16,2022

Figuring out a co-parenting relationship and plan can be difficult enough in a divorce, but when your ex-spouse is a narcissist, it can make it even more complicated. This week, we are revisiting our conversation with divorce coach Karen McMahon about issues that can arise when co-parenting with a narcissist or a difficult ex. Karen has been […]

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