Divorce at Altitude: A Podcast on Colorado Family Law

Navigating a High Conflict Divorce in Mediation with Liz Merrill | Episode 162

August 03,2023

Navigating a high conflict divorce can be extremely difficult. That’s why we sat down with Liz Merrill, mediator, divorce coach, and someone who’s faced her own high conflict divorce. We discuss the complexities of what a high conflict divorce looks like, the potential scenarios one may encounter, and signs that might indicate you’re dealing with a […]

Unraveling Tax Implications During a Colorado Divorce | Episode 159

July 05,2023

Welcome back to another episode of Divorce at Altitude where we’re taking an essential look at the often overlooked tax implications during a divorce process. Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha emphasize the advantages of consulting a tax professional and discuss strategies lawyers use to orchestrate a divorce process that benefits all parties. They delve into […]

Estate Planning, Prenuptial Agreements, and Family Planning Through Modeling With Jennifer Goode | Episode 158

June 24,2023

When you get married, the last thing you want to think about is the potential breakdown of that marriage but the truth is, it is an absolutely imperative conversation. Today we are joined by another self-proclaimed recovering attorney, Jennifer Goode, to discuss planning for the future before you get married. You’ll hear about our guest’s career, […]

When Worlds Collide: Navigating the Intersection of Business Values, Mission, and Divorce with Peter Glennon | Episode 157

June 23,2023

If you are a business owner, and you are heading for divorce, how do you look forward, stay focused, and protect your business? This week we are talking about navigating the intersection of values and mission as business owners going through a divorce. Our guest on the show today is Peter Glennon, a divorce and […]

Living a Happier Life and Become a Better Lawyer by Finding Balance with Luke Van Arsdale | Episode 156

June 22,2023

Lawyers are prone to overworking. Although it may feel like working as much as possible is the most productive way to spend your time, as Luke Van Arsdale explains in this episode, this is far from the truth! The more of a work/life balance we are able to maintain, the better the counsel we can […]

Navigating Divorce with Special Needs Children | Episode 155

June 18,2023

Navigating a divorce is never easy, but when you add a special needs child into the mix, the situation can become even more challenging. In this candid conversation, Ryan and Amy explore the various issues that arise when parents of a special needs child go through a divorce.  We touch on the importance of Individualized […]

What to do Before, During, and After a Divorce with a Narcissist with Tracy Malone | Episode 154

June 17,2023

Tracy Malone, our expert on emotional abuse and dealing with narcissistic behavior, is back for part two of our two-part series on dealing with a narcissist in divorce proceedings. We take listeners through tips and advice for different phases of a divorce, the before, the during, and the after. Our conversation flows from what to […]

How to Stay Safe Leaving an Abusive Marriage with Tracy Malone | Episode 152

June 16,2023

This week on the podcast, we focus on the topic of how to stay safe leaving an abusive spouse. We are happy to be joined again on the show by Tracy Malone, to talk us through the top ten tips for staying safe when leaving an abusive relationship. Tracy is an internationally recognized expert on both […]

My Ex Kidnapped our Child: What to Do Next with Brian Walters | Episode 151

June 15,2023

In this episode, Brian Walters joins us to discuss what actions should be taken in the event in which an ex-spouse takes their child to another state or country and refuses to bring them back. If you are a parent, this is one of the most frightening scenarios you could find yourself in, so it is very […]

What Happens When My Spouse is Hiding Assests | Episode 153

June 12,2023

One of the most common things we as divorce lawyers often hear is that a client thinks their spouse is potentially, and intentionally, hiding money. So today, we delve into what to do if you suspect your spouse might be hiding assets during a divorce. This is an interesting topic because, as we know, when […]

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