Divorce at Altitude: A Podcast on Colorado Family Law

Psychological Testing in a Custody Battle with John Zervopoulos | Episode 118

September 15,2022

The subject of parental responsibilities evaluators (PREs) and child and family investigators (CFIs) have been touched on in our podcast before. Today we welcome back John Zervopoulos to do a deep dive on these areas of psychological testing and important things lawyers need to know about them. John does a great job of contextualizing the comparing of […]

Co-Parent Coaching with Jackie Deam | Episode 117

September 14,2022

Divorce can cause a lot of harm to children, but it doesn’t have to. Joining us today is someone who knows the ins and outs of this topic from a personal and professional perspective. Jackie Deam is a lawyer, mediator, and co-parent and coach, who went through 5 divorces between both of her parents when she was […]

Forensic Accounting & the Divorce Money Guide with Tracy Coenen, CPA | Episode 116

September 13,2022

If you’ve found yourself asking the question, “Where did my money go?” this episode is for you! Our guest, Tracy Coenen, is a no-nonsense forensic accountant whose job is to look at bank statements, loan statements, credit card statements, and the like, to determine whether there are any improper expenditures being made.  During this episode, Tracy […]

Take the High Road with Andy Heller | Episode 115

September 13,2022

Joining us today to talk about the book his own divorce journey inspired, is Andy Heller, a real-life “Eric Wolf” who’s reached the other side and aims to help others through the process. Andy is a successful businessman with two real estate books under his belt, and who had neither the need nor intention to write […]

Calculating Net Spendable Income with Boris Sobolev | Episode 114

September 07,2022

Determining financial support in a divorce can be emotionally draining and overwhelming, but it does not have to be. Today, we talk about everything maintenance, to help listeners navigate the process and provide insight to ensure you get the best agreement possible. We have covered this topic before in Episode 77, but today we take a […]

Navigating a High-Conflict Divorce with Dr. Les Katz | Episode 113

July 13,2022

No divorce is easy, but some are a lot more challenging than others. Exceptionally difficult divorces are referred to as high conflict, and in today’s episode, we are joined by an expert on this topic, Dr. Les Katz. Les is a psychologist who spent many years as a therapist working with families, and who now […]

Measuring Value in Trust Interests and Expert Witnesses on Trusts with Gerard Deffenbaugh, Esq. | Episode 112

July 13,2022

Determining the value of an estate during divorce proceedings is incredibly complex, requiring experts to effectively and fairly evaluate such aspects. In the context of divorce, calculating interest from a trust can be particularly challenging. Today’s expert is Gerard Deffenbaugh, whose practice focuses on estate planning/administration, and trust administration. He often serves as the consulting expert […]

What to do with Stock Options in a Divorce with Kenneth Naes | Episode 111

June 20,2022

Stock options become an issue in a divorce when they aren’t evaluated properly. Today we are joined by Kenneth Naes, financial advisor and stock option expert, to discuss stock options and how they affect a divorce. Tuning in, you will hear all about stock options and why they become a problem during a divorce. We delve […]

Witness Preparation in a Divorce Case with Jessica Brylo | Episode 110

June 20,2022

First impressions are essential to success, especially in court and legal proceedings. Giving other parties and authorities a good perception of yourself in court is key to your credibility, which ultimately helps win a case. Today’s guest Jessica Brylo, J.D., M.A. is an expert in witness preparation and the owner of Trial Dynamics, a national […]

Revisiting Invalidating and Contesting Marital Agreements with Jim Bailey, Esq. | Episode 108

June 20,2022

With divorce rates on the rise, more and more couples are electing to sign a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle. Recently the celebrity world has seen its fair share of drama when it comes to enforcing prenups… from Dr. Dre’s ex wife ripping up the document and claiming more than $2 million in […]

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