Family Law

Professional Athletes and Divorce with Evan Schein – Ep. #33

July 02,2021

In the world of social media where information is at our fingertips, it is harder than ever to keep news of an impending divorce out of the front page of the tabloids for high profile clients.  Ryan Kalamaya and top NYC family law attorney Evan Schein discuss challenges that come with representing professional athletes and their demanding schedules, […]

Colorado Child Custody Evaluations with Barbara Shindell – Ep. 31

July 01,2021

Having to deal with a PRE in the middle of a divorce can be stressful. What does a PRE look at? How long does it take? Amy Goscha and Barbara Shindell sit down to talk about what the PRE process looks like and give some tips to alleviate the stress of the PRE process in a divorce. In […]

Proving Separate Property in a Divorce with Andy Baum – Ep. #29

June 17,2021

The division of property in a divorce can be confusing and convoluted. Many clients wonder if their stock portfolios, or business that they had before marriage counts as separate property or marital property.  Ryan Kalamaya and Andy Baum, a CPA and family law expert witness with Harper Hofer and Associates, to discuss property tracing and how separate and […]

Colorado Parenting Plans with Joan McWilliams – Ep. 27

June 11,2021

Amy Goscha and Joan McWilliams discuss the ins and outs of parenting plans in Colorado, and how to stay focused on your children and support them throughout the divorce process. In This Episode: –       How mediators help with making a parenting plan –       Scenarios to think about in formulating a parenting plan –  […]

Private Judging in a Divorce with Hon. Angela Arkin – Ep. 25

June 04,2021

Many divorce cases use mediators, special masters, and private judges. What are each of those and when are they used in a divorce case? Amy Goscha and Honorable Angela Arkin, discuss the role of mediators, special masters, and private judges in divorces in Colorado.  In This Episode: –       Scenarios where a private judge is beneficial […]

Understanding CFI or PRE Reports in a Colorado Custody Battle with John Zervopoulos – Ep. 23

June 04,2021

A crucial aspect in most custody battles in family law cases is a report from a custody expert, such as a Child Family Investigator or Parental Responsibility Evaluator.  Ryan Kalamaya  and Dr. John Zervopoulos cover 4 steps to analyze the report and recommendations from a CFI or PRE.  In This Episode: –       Reading a CFI […]

Trusts and Divorce with Kim Willoughby – Ep. 20

May 20,2021

Trusts are a common tool that families can use to protect their wealth for generations to come. If a beneficiary of a trust is going through a divorce, is the spouse entitled to part of the trust’s income or assets as part of a spousal claim? Top family law attorney Kim Willoughby joins Ryan Kalamaya  and Amy Goscha on […]

Surviving an Abusive Spouse and Thinking Positively about Divorce with Jennifer Coulson – Ep. 18

May 12,2021

Studies show that almost 50% of women have experienced some form of psychological aggression by an intimate partner during their lifetime. Whether you come to the realization of the unhealthiness of your marriage on your own or through therapy, the divorce process can seem daunting at first, especially when kids are involved.  Vail Valley realtor […]

eDiscovery Best Practices with Industry Expert Doug Austin – Ep. 16

May 12,2021

eDiscovery expert Doug Austin joins Ryan Kalamaya on Divorce at Altitude to discuss current issues and case law in electronic discovery, cybersecurity and data privacy, and best practices for protecting information for divorce lawyers.  In This Episode:  – How can parties in a divorce try to modify, conceal or change digital evidence? – What happens if a party doesn’t disclose […]

Benefits of e-Discovery for Divorce Lawyers with Brett Burney – Ep. 14

April 22,2021

Living in the age of electronic information can be challenging especially when it comes to legal technology and e-discovery. The vast majority of family law cases involve some form of e-discovery from text messages, social media posts, email, and more.  Ryan Kalamaya sits down with Brett Burney to discuss different solutions he uses with clients to combat common […]

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