Family Law

Overcoming Parental Alienation: Strategies for Positive Co-Parenting with Jill Coil | Episode 198

March 21,2024

In today’s episode, we revisit exploring the sensitive and complex issue of parental alienation in Colorado family law, alongside esteemed guest and family law attorney Jill Coil. Ryan and Jill’s discussion opens up the intricate world of how parents can, intentionally or unintentionally, undermine the relationship between a child and their other parent. They dissect […]

Financial Abuse: Forming a Strategy in Divorce with Lisa Zeiderman | Episode 194

February 29,2024

In this episode of Divorce at Altitude, we revisit a conversation with matrimonial attorney Lisa Zeiderman. She lends her considerable expertise to shed light on the shadowy aspects of financial abuse and manipulation within marriages. Serving as the managing partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP, Lisa’s strides into the terrain of financial forensics are as calculative as […]

Mastering Tax Considerations During a Divorce in Colorado | Episode 192

February 29,2024

Today, we re-visit the world of taxes and divorce. Ryan and Amy host an enlightening conversation where they dissect everything from capital gains to Medicare tax, and even the often-overlooked consequences of depreciation recapture. They pull from  different scenarios to show you how not accounting for these factors can have significant financial implications. 

Master Class: Top 5 Complex Income Issues in Colorado Divorce | Episode 191

February 15,2024

Join Ryan and Amy as they unravel the complexities of determining income in divorce cases, a critical factor for calculating child support and maintenance in Colorado family law. They examine the challenges faced by individuals with minority business interests or trust beneficiaries with limited control over distributions and tackle the nuances of personal versus business […]

Preparing for Mediation in Colorado | Episode 189

February 02,2024

On this episode, Ryan and Amy poured their experience into a conversation that will guide you through the key steps of preparing for mediation in divorce. They dissect the importance of choosing a mediator with the right mix of skills, from understanding complex financial situations to navigating sensitive parenting issues, ensuring you walk into your […]

Navigating the Highs and Lows of Spousal Support in Colorado | Episode 188

February 02,2024

On this latest episode of Divorce at Altitude, Ryan and Amy offer an in-depth analysis of spousal support laws and guidelines through a Colorado lens, discussing the role of income thresholds and individual earnings in determining maintenance. They also dissect a revealing Custody X Change study, providing our listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the […]

Legal Innovation and the Quest for Equitable Family Law Practices in Colorado | Episode 186

January 11,2024

Did you know that 75% of domestic relations cases see parties without legal representation? Today, Ryan and Amy’s discussion sheds light on how this pro se crisis congests the judicial system, leaving dockets strained and resources stretched thin. But it’s not all doom and gloom—we bring you hope in the form of solutions like the […]

A Deep Dive into Real Estate Appraisals during Divorce with Kevin Kerns | Episode 181

December 14,2023

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into a real estate appraisal during a divorce proceeding, this episode is for you. Certified real estate appraiser Kevin Kerns joins Ryan Kalamaya to unmask the complex process and offer an insider look at how property value is determined, taking into account physical attributes, location, and even that elusive […]

Understanding Spousal Support in Divorce Proceedings | Episode 180

December 07,2023

Navigating the rocky terrain of divorce is challenging, but understanding the complexities of spousal support can feel especially daunting. Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha provide a roadmap through the world of alimony, or as it’s known in Colorado, spousal maintenance. We tackle the emotional issues that often stir around this topic, and we shed light […]

Understanding the Financial Maze: How State Laws Can Influence Divorce Outcomes and Colorado’s Unique Stance with Brian Walters | Episode 179

November 30,2023

Divorce is like navigating a labyrinth of emotions, legalities, and, most pertinently, financial consequences. The path you tread and the outcome you face can vary dramatically depending on the state laws that govern your divorce proceedings. State-specific divorce laws are not just legal formalities etched in statute books. They have real, palpable impacts on the […]

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