Family Law

Using Shadow and Rebuttal Experts for Business Valuations in a Divorce – Ep. 43

August 30,2021

Ryan Kalamaya and Eric Six discuss shadow and rebuttal experts in divorces at the 2020 Family Law Institute Conference.  What is Divorce at Altitude?  Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha provide tips and recommendations on issues related to divorce, separation, and co-parenting in Colorado. Ryan and Amy are the founding partners of an innovative and ambitious law firm, Kalamaya | Goscha, that pushes the […]

Attacking and Defending Premarital Agreements – Ep. 41

August 30,2021

Some couples elect to sign a prenuptial agreement to help split up assets, should the need for a dissolution of marriage arise. Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha discuss the steps to attacking or defending a marital agreement in a Colorado divorce.  What is Divorce at Altitude?  Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha provide tips and recommendations on issues related to divorce, separation, […]

Divorce Tips for Dads with Tommy Maloney – Ep. 39

August 30,2021

Ryan Kalamaya and Tommy Maloney sit down to discuss his divorce experience and his advice for divorced dads.  In This Episode – Tommy Maloney’s new book– How stoicism can benefit parties going through a divorce– Different difficulties men experience going through a divorce dealing with emotions– Blending the Family podcast About Tommy Maloney Tommy Maloney is the Executive […]

Top 5 Insights on Divorce for Business Owners with Raif Palmer – Ep. 37

August 30,2021

The divorce process takes an emotional toll on everyone involved and it can be easy to get caught up in the emotions and forget about what actually matters. Ryan Kalamaya and Raiford Palmer discuss his top 5 suggestions for business owners going through the divorce process.  In This Episode: –       Raiford Palmer’s book […]

The Positive Divorce Movement and Better Apart Method with Gabrielle Hartley – Ep. 35

August 25,2021

A divorce process can often be physically and emotionally draining for both parties and children involved, especially if the case goes trial. Ryan Kalamaya and Gabrielle Hartley sit down to discuss the positive divorce movement and her Better Apart Method and how those are changing how people think about divorce.  In This Episode – The adverse effects of litigation […]

Professional Athletes and Divorce with Evan Schein – Ep. #33

July 02,2021

In the world of social media where information is at our fingertips, it is harder than ever to keep news of an impending divorce out of the front page of the tabloids for high profile clients.  Ryan Kalamaya and top NYC family law attorney Evan Schein discuss challenges that come with representing professional athletes and their demanding schedules, […]

Colorado Child Custody Evaluations with Barbara Shindell – Ep. 31

July 01,2021

Having to deal with a PRE in the middle of a divorce can be stressful. What does a PRE look at? How long does it take? Amy Goscha and Barbara Shindell sit down to talk about what the PRE process looks like and give some tips to alleviate the stress of the PRE process in a divorce. In […]

Proving Separate Property in a Divorce with Andy Baum – Ep. #29

June 17,2021

The division of property in a divorce can be confusing and convoluted. Many clients wonder if their stock portfolios, or business that they had before marriage counts as separate property or marital property.  Ryan Kalamaya and Andy Baum, a CPA and family law expert witness with Harper Hofer and Associates, to discuss property tracing and how separate and […]

Colorado Parenting Plans with Joan McWilliams – Ep. 27

June 11,2021

Amy Goscha and Joan McWilliams discuss the ins and outs of parenting plans in Colorado, and how to stay focused on your children and support them throughout the divorce process. In This Episode: –       How mediators help with making a parenting plan –       Scenarios to think about in formulating a parenting plan –  […]

Private Judging in a Divorce with Hon. Angela Arkin – Ep. 25

June 04,2021

Many divorce cases use mediators, special masters, and private judges. What are each of those and when are they used in a divorce case? Amy Goscha and Honorable Angela Arkin, discuss the role of mediators, special masters, and private judges in divorces in Colorado.  In This Episode: –       Scenarios where a private judge is beneficial […]

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