Family Law

Navigating Holiday Parenting Time and Changes to Parenting Time in the New Year

December 06,2021

The holiday season can be stressful when it comes to navigating holiday parenting time, if you are in the early stages of the divorce process or if you have a defined parenting plan already in place. The following tips will help ensure that you have a successful holiday season and new year with your children.   Make Your […]

Melanie Wolff’s Divorce Story

November 22,2021

Melanie Wolff opens the door to her three-row SUV, climbs inside, and tosses her iPhone on the passenger seat. She checks on the kids in the rearview mirror to make sure they’re buckled in and ready. A McDonald’s bag is still sitting on the passenger seat. Her husband, Eric, left it there. He used her […]

Financial Planning Tips During a Divorce with Ali Phillips | Episode 59

November 14,2021

Clients frequently ask if they should involve a financial planner after a divorce. Even though it might be tempting to wait until after your divorce is finalized to involve a financial advisor, talking to one earlier on in the process can help shape the divorce settlement. Ryan Kalamaya and Ali Phillips of Obermeyer Wood discuss financial planning tips to follow […]

4 Tips for your Post-Divorce Estate Plan with Pamela Maass | Episode 57

November 12,2021

When going through a divorce, updating an estate plan is often the last thing on someone’s mind. It is important to take steps to make sure your ex-spouse does not benefit after your death. Ryan Kalamaya and Pamela Maass discuss 4 recommendations for estate planning after a divorce in Colorado.  What is Divorce at Altitude?  Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha provide […]

Divorcing a Narcissist, Codependency, Setting Boundaries, and Co-Parenting with a Difficult Ex with Karen McMahon | Episode 55

November 01,2021

Co-parenting with an ex is difficult enough in itself, but it can feel impossible sometimes if your ex is a narcissist. Setting up boundaries and finding support are essential to making the task a little bit easier on you and your children. Ryan Kalamaya and divorce coach Karen McMahon discuss tips for divorcing and setting boundaries when divorcing […]

Colorado Fertility Laws with Laura Koupal | Episode 52

October 29,2021

Amy Goscha and Laura Koupal discuss fertility laws and the surrogacy process in the state of Colorado.  About Laura Koupal Laura Koupal founded Koupal Law Firm, P.C. in 2012 and has represented over one thousand clients in assisted reproductive technology matters, complex divorce litigation, non-traditional and LGBTQ+  family formation and dissolution, adoption and estate planning matters.  Laura helped to […]

Planning for the School Year During a Divorce | Episode 54

October 28,2021

The beginning of each new school year brings unique challenges to divorced parents like extra expenses, coordinating pickup schedules, and extracurricular activities. It is important to create a game plan with your former spouse to allow for a smooth transition from summer back to school. Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha provide tips for divorced parents to co-parent successfully […]

Litigation Tactics for CFIs & PREs (Presentation at the 2021 Colorado Family Law Institute)- Ep. #50

September 15,2021

An integral piece of some family law cases is a report from a child custody experts or parenting evaluators.  Ryan Kalamaya and lawyer/forensic psychologist Dr. John Zervopoulos discuss litigation tips for Child Family Investigator or Parental Responsibility Evaluators at The 2021 Colorado Family Law Institute. About Dr. John Zervopoulos Dr. John Zervopoulos is a lawyer and board-certified forensic psychologist […]

Colorado Parenting Plans with Joan McWilliams – Ep. 27

September 15,2021

Amy Goscha and Joan McWilliams discuss the ins and outs of parenting plans in Colorado, and how to stay focused on your children and support them throughout the divorce process. In This Episode: –       How mediators help with making a parenting plan –       Scenarios to think about in formulating a parenting plan –  […]

Contempt of Court in a Divorce with Georgina Melbye – Ep. 48

August 30,2021

Often times after a divorce is finalized, one party may not abide to a certain set of terms in the separation agreement. What actions can you take when that happens? Amy Goscha and Georgina Melbye discuss when you can file for contempt in a family law case and what actions the court can take to remedy the situation.  […]

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