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How THC Use Affects Child Custody in Colorado | Episode 148

April 12,2023

Now that THC is legal in Colorado, many questions are being raised about how the consumption of the substance affects custody. In this episode, we are going to tackle some of these important questions. Today on Divorce at Altitude, you will hear all about the framework we want you to set when it comes to […]

Psychological Testing in a Custody Battle with John Zervopoulos | Episode 118

September 15,2022

The subject of parental responsibilities evaluators (PREs) and child and family investigators (CFIs) have been touched on in our podcast before. Today we welcome back John Zervopoulos to do a deep dive on these areas of psychological testing and important things lawyers need to know about them. John does a great job of contextualizing the comparing of […]

Work-Product Experts in Custody Evaluations with Dr. Andrew Loizeaux | Episode 98

April 11,2022

When it comes to custody evaluations, the court has to be thorough. CFI reports can prove to be inadequate if not paired with guidance and a better understanding of the nuances at play. This is where the work-product expert comes into the picture.  Joining us to explain the invaluable role of work-product experts in custody […]

The Difference Between CFIs and PREs and the Role of an Attorney CFI with Erika Gebhardt | Episode 96

April 06,2022

Following Episode 91 on PREs, this week, we are talking about Child and Family Investigators (CFIs). We are honored to have attorney CFI, Erika Gebhardt, here to talk us through this arm of the court and outline the process that follows from the time she takes on a case. For the first five years of her practice, […]

The Intersection of Dependency & Neglect Cases with Divorce with Amy Goscha | Episode 85

March 21,2022

What is dependency and neglect? Dependency and neglect (D&N) cases concern child abuse or neglect. These are civil cases that do not involve the criminal prosecution of parents, but there could be a concurrent criminal case. The D&N court has jurisdiction over children for their safety, protection, stability, and family preservation. When is a child […]

Navigating Holiday Parenting Time and Changes to Parenting Time in the New Year

December 06,2021

The holiday season can be stressful when it comes to navigating holiday parenting time, if you are in the early stages of the divorce process or if you have a defined parenting plan already in place. The following tips will help ensure that you have a successful holiday season and new year with your children.   Make Your […]

Melanie Wolff’s Divorce Story

November 22,2021

Melanie Wolff opens the door to her three-row SUV, climbs inside, and tosses her iPhone on the passenger seat. She checks on the kids in the rearview mirror to make sure they’re buckled in and ready. A McDonald’s bag is still sitting on the passenger seat. Her husband, Eric, left it there. He used her […]

Colorado Child Custody Evaluations with Barbara Shindell – Ep. 31

July 01,2021

Having to deal with a PRE in the middle of a divorce can be stressful. What does a PRE look at? How long does it take? Amy Goscha and Barbara Shindell sit down to talk about what the PRE process looks like and give some tips to alleviate the stress of the PRE process in a divorce. In […]

Understanding CFI or PRE Reports in a Colorado Custody Battle with John Zervopoulos – Ep. 23

June 04,2021

A crucial aspect in most custody battles in family law cases is a report from a custody expert, such as a Child Family Investigator or Parental Responsibility Evaluator.  Ryan Kalamaya  and Dr. John Zervopoulos cover 4 steps to analyze the report and recommendations from a CFI or PRE.  In This Episode: –       Reading a CFI […]

Child Custody Issues Across State Borders, with Brian Walters – Ep. 6

March 25,2021

Eric Wolff and his wife Melanie live in Houston but have a home in Aspen they frequent in the winter and summers. Melanie comes to Aspen with the kids, stays there and files for divorce while Eric is still in Houston. How is a custody agreement arranged?  In Episode 6 of Divorce at Altitude, Brian Walters of Walters Gilbreath, […]

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