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Social Media

It is possible that entries made on social media can be used against you. You should maximize your privacy settings on any such site to prevent access. Having said that, you should assume that anything posted on such a site will be accessed or requested by the other side and should conduct yourself accordingly. We realize that these platforms may be efficient to update friends and family, but nothing you post will help you; it can only hurt your case. With that in mind, do not delete anything that you may have posted already. It can still be found and you may be subjecting yourself to problems resulting from destroying relevant evidence. If you are aware of any content that may be questionable, please preserve it and send us a copy.


Email & Cyber Security

We recommend that you change your email, online bank account and credit card passwords in a Colorado divorce. Casually exchanged email communications that are inappropriately intercepted can be misinterpreted and misused. Your communications with members of Kalamaya | Goscha are confidential pursuant to the attorney-client privilege, but such communications are now routinely intercepted and misused in Family Law matters. While lawyers are ethically prohibited from using such privileged communications that may fall into their hands, non-lawyers rarely, if ever, respect the privilege. In addition, if you copy anyone on communications to us it can result in a waiver of that privilege so your communications to and from us should not be forwarded to others.