Unbundled Legal Services

If you are considering hiring an attorney to assist you in your family law case, you have options when it comes to the type of legal services you can obtain.

When a client traditionally hires an attorney, she pays a retainer to the attorney and the attorney is responsible for assisting the client through all aspects of the case. This may include attending mediation, appearing in court on behalf of the client – the attorney assists the client through the case from beginning to end.

There are times when a client may not need the level of service for full representation but needs some legal assistance.

The Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure allow attorneys to provide unbundled legal services, also known as limited representation services, to clients. Unbundled legal services provide clients with the ability to consult with an attorney on an as-needed basis.

History of Unbundled Services in Colorado

In 1999, the Colorado Supreme Court amended Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.2(c) to provide expressly that lawyers may limit the scope of their representation. This change was accompanied by amendments to Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure Rules 11(b) and 311(b) to allow lawyers to “ghostwrite” pleadings for clients without entering a formal appearance in county and district court cases.

In 2011, the Colorado Supreme Court adopted C.R.C.P. 121, § 1-1(5), which required that attorneys file a notice of limited appearance and a notice of completion of limited appearance when providing limited scope representation in a court case.

In 2012, the Colorado Supreme Court adopted Colorado Appellate Rule 5(e) to allow for unbundling in appellate proceedings in specific instances.

What does Unbundling do for Clients?

One of the biggest benefits to clients is it provides them with the ability to obtain legal advice and gain understanding of the legal system and how it affects their situation without having to fully retain an attorney for traditional legal representation. Further, it gives the client some control over litigation costs because the client can consult with the attorney when needed. If the client needs more assistance, they can decide with the attorney at what point to switch to traditional full representation.

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