Kalamaya | Goscha Opens New Office in Denver

Kalamaya | Goscha recently opened a new office in Denver to expand the firm’s reach beyond the mountains. Located in the River North Art District (RiNo) at 27th & Lawrence, the firm will continue to focus on personal disputes — divorce, child custody, criminal defense, DUI/DWAI, personal injury, auto accidents and wrongful death.

Amy Goscha is the managing partner of the firm’s new Denver office. A Denver native, Amy began her career in Denver where she clerked for the Honorable Angela Arkin. Amy then went on to work on complex family law issues for Willoughby & Associates before co-founding Kalamaya | Goscha with Ryan Kalamaya.

Associate trial attorney Elizabeth Hardman and paralegal Shannon Holleran will also be based out of the firm’s Denver office. Elizabeth is a former Colorado State Public Defender who represents individuals going through a divorce or accused of committing a crime.

About Kalamaya | Goscha

Kalamaya | Goscha is an award-winning team of trial lawyers dedicated to providing extraordinary, efficient, and compassionate legal services.

The attorneys of Kalamaya | Goscha come from divergent backgrounds. But, despite our differences, the team at Kalamaya | Goscha shares more than a law firm: we also have a linked set of experiences that inform our vision of life and the law. We are obsessed skiers, mountain bikers, motocross riders, runners, and outdoors people who are proud to call the mountains our home. We are also avid readers and otherwise take pleasure in the delights of the intellectual life. But, the bedrock of each of our lives is our dedication to our families and friends: the spouses, kids, parents, siblings, partners, dogs, and buddies that inspire each of us every day. The support of that extended Kalamaya | Goscha family is a tremendous boon to the work that we do for our clients.

The joy of our camaraderie is infectious and our respective practices complement one another so that each attorney is a resource to the others. It is both our similarities and differences that allow Kalamaya | Goscha to move mountains for our clients.

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