Greg Greer Joins Kalamaya | Goscha

Garfield County Criminal Defense Attorney Greg Greer

We are pleased to announce that Greg Greer has joined our team as senior trial counsel.

Criminal Defense

For over thirty years, Greg has helped thousands of Garfield County clients successfully make their way through the criminal justice system. Greg’s experience crosses the spectrum of criminal defense. He has represented clients with every level criminal charge, from DUIs to First Degree Murder. His tireless, aggressive commitment to his clients has helped them prevail against accusations such as homicide, kidnapping, sexual assault, assault, theft, burglary, domestic violence and fraud.


In 1982, Greg became a Deputy State Public Defender in the Fort Collins Regional Public Defender’s office. In 1987, he was chosen to head the Glenwood Springs Regional Public Defender’s office, covering the entire Ninth Judicial District and Eagle County in the Fifth Judicial District. For twenty years, Greg established a regional presence handling and trying cases in these jurisdictions as well as cases in Grand Junction and Steamboat Springs. In 2003, Greg discovered and pursued the prosecution’s failure to disclose the suspicious history of a police officer involved with months of prosecutions in the Ninth Judicial District. As a result, many people who had been arrested by this officer received some relief from those past prosecutions. In 2006, Greg was awarded the Gideon award from the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. The Gideon Award is presented to Colorado Lawyers for remarkable effort to fulfill the promise of Gideon v. Wainwright and dedication to advocacy on behalf of the poor. He has been selected to the prestigious Super Lawyers list for criminal defense by the Colorado Super Lawyers.

Our Defense Team

Greg joins Ryan Kalamaya, Georgina Melbye and Michael Fox on Kalamaya | Goscha’s Criminal Defense Team. The team is composed of former prosecutors and public defenders that specialize in defending those charged with crimes in the Roaring Fork and Vail Valleys.

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