Personal Injury FAQs

What is a personal injury case?

When someone gets hurt, the immediate attention is to whether or not they are okay. Recovery is always the highest priority. Unfortunately, in this day and age, proper recovery, treatment, or damages for an injury or death come at a huge financial cost. In addition to dealing with an injury, there are likely mounting medical bills, lost income, and emotional damages. No one wants to deal with an injury. We understand this and we help victims and their family recover.

In short, a personal injury case is any case where a harm is done to someone by the act – or failure to act- of another party. This can include a physical or catastrophic injury, an injury to someone’s name or reputation, or a loss of emotional enjoyment or well-being.  This could include a vehicle accident, an assault, a traumatic brain injury, or even involve a situation ending in a wrongful death. Often times, there is no amount of money that can be paid to make the injured person or their family whole again, however, personal injury laws tries to bridge that gap to provide compensation to the injured party so they can recover.

What kinds of personal injury cases do you do?

Kalamaya | Goscha handles litigation that runs the spectrum of catastrophic injury cases, wrongful death, automotive or trucking accidents, and other personal injuries. Regardless of the complexity of your situation, we give personal attention to understand the details of your case and provide a detailed strategy to move forward.

We have an array of experience dealing with different personal injury cases. To name a few, we handle:

What Kind of Damages Are There for a Personal Injury Claim?

What resources do you use to fight the insurance companies?

Kalamaya | Goscha leverages cutting edge technology to best represent our clients. Whether that be to organize medical documents and discovery, craft a compelling demand letter, or visually present our case to a jury or judge, we believe that using the best software and technology gives us the edge to get the best results for our clients.

We also understand the software that the big insurance companies use. Present day insurance companies use software to evaluate cases and analyze the data about injured people. They are trying to play “money ball” with the personal injury cases they handle. We understand how the insurance companies evaluate a case and the data that they are putting into their software. In understanding the opposing system, we are able to maneuver our clients to take advantage of their “money ball” system.

How much does your firm cost?

We understand that one of the biggest questions our clients have when researching an attorney is, how much is this going to cost me?

In personal injury cases, we operate on a contingency basis. This means that only when you receive a payout, either from a settlement or a verdict at trial, do we get paid. We make a percentage of that payout. We win when our clients win.

Please inquire for an in-depth quote about our representation.

Who is on your team?

Personal injury lawyers Ryan KalamayaMichael Fox, Georgina Melbye, Nick James and paralegal Adrienne Bish move mountains for people who have been injured or killed in a variety of unfortunate circumstances such as automobile accidents, slip-and-falls, ski collisions, bar fights and dog attacks.