Insurance Bad Faith

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When you purchase an insurance policy, you are entering into an agreement with the insurance company. As long as you pay your premiums and keep your insurance policy in good standing, they agree to provide the benefits stated in the contract. In the case of automobile insurance, your insurance company agrees to cover you in case the unexpected happens and you are injured in an automobile accident.

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Unfortunately, there are situations when insurance companies fail to uphold their end of the bargain. If an insurance company unreasonably denies your claim, they are considered to be acting in “bad faith.”

Common ways an insurance company can commit bad faith:

  • Claim denial
  • Failure to investigate a claim
  • Refusing to settle a claim
  • Unreasonable translation of the policy
  • Failure to reimburse you according to the policy limits
  • Delay of payment
  • Unreasonable denial of a claim

If you have been denied a legitimate insurance claim by your insurance company, contact us right away. One of our attorneys will need to carefully review your insurance policy to determine if your insurance company has unreasonably denied your claim and therefore acted in bad faith.