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Legislative Update: New Personal Injury Law for 2020

January 01,2020

Several new Colorado laws go into effect today, January 1, 2020. One of which is going to greatly impact personal injury automobile claims.

Colorado to De-Felonize Drug Possession​ in 2020

July 29,2019

New Drug Sentencing Reform Signed Into Law Colorado recently passed a new law de-felonizing most low-level drug possessions charges. This move is aimed to lessen the burden on the Colorado Prison System and to focus on treating drug possession offenders. The bill, HB 19-1263, also creates a grant, hoping to redirect funds to Drug Courts […]

Getting Started On A Personal Injury Claim Frequently Asked Questions

May 31,2019

Navigating a personal injury claim can be complicated and is always different depending on the situation. Here are some common questions that we get as people start their personal injury claims.

Colorado DUI Enforcement Up This Holiday Season

January 01,2019

The Vail and Roaring Fork Valleys’ Police increased their DUI enforcement this holiday season.  Mountain Police Departments continued “The Heat is On Campaign,” to increase DUI Patrols during peak holiday times. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, about 60 people are arrested for DUI in Colorado a day. The 5thJudicial district has the highest […]

Ins and Outs of Jury Selection in Colorado

November 19,2018

Jury selection or “voir dire” is commonly regarded as the most important part of the American trial system. Cases are won and lost in jury selection, even before evidence is heard. Voir Dire in Latin means to “speak the truth.” This in some ways refers to the conversation that jurors have with the opposing lawyers […]

How to File a Civil Protection Order – Kalamaya | Goscha Law Firm

October 19,2018

There is a common question lawyers get when someone is victimized. That question is, “what can I do?” This is an oversimplified solution, but typically there are 3 options. 1. call the police, 2. file a civil lawsuit, or 3. file a civil protection order. Civil Protection Orders Under Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-14-100, civil […]

Felony Convictions And The Effect On Voting Rights

September 20,2018

Jon Oliver, on his show “Last Week Tonight,” recently highlighted some staggering facts about felony convictions and the effect on voters rights. You may have known that many people who have been convicted of felonies cannot vote. The issue, however, might be much more influential than you realize. In total, about 2% of the entire […]

Who’s at fault? Colorado Comparative Negligence Law

August 31,2018

The Colorado mountain communities are home to many unique civil lawsuits. Maybe it’s a ski accident personal injury case, a snow and ice caused car accident, or a mountainous construction injury. It’s common knowledge, that “fault”, or liability, is a big deal when deciding lawsuits. Fault is not always clear. Comparative Negligence Explained Insurance companies […]

Fighting a Bad Police Report in an Auto Accident Case

August 23,2018

If there is an auto accident in Colorado the Police will often respond if the accident is serious or happens on public roadway. Routinely, the police fill out a report. They also will possibly issue tickets. The question remains, is the police’s word at the scene the final word as to who was at fault?  […]

Colorado Restitution and the Effects on a Colorado Civil Lawsuit

July 26,2018

People generally think of a civil lawsuit as the only way to collect a financial judgement against someone. This simply isn’t true. In Colorado, criminal convictions can also result in big criminal restitution judgments against defendants.   COLORADO RESTITUTION In Colorado courts, criminal restitution is a way for victims to get back money if they […]

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