2023 Glenwood Canyon Car Accident Study Results

Glenwood Springs Car Accident

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently conducted a Glenwood Canyon car accident study to assess how often commercial motor vehicle (CMV) crashes lead to closures in Glenwood Canyon and along Interstate 70. The study results revealed that CMV accidents were responsible for 22% of all closures, with 179 collisions causing partial or full shutdowns on the western slope between Dotsero and West Glenwood. Speeding was identified as the principal factor leading to these accidents, resulting in costly delays and disruption for travelers.

In response, CDOT is working with the Colorado State Patrol to enforce speed limits and lane restrictions to reduce the number of dangerous crashes. Additionally, the Glenwood City Council has discussed language for state legislation that would further help crack down on offenders who create canyon closures. This would include penalties for speeding and lane violations, higher fines and points off driver’s licenses, automated ticketing systems, and civil liability for carriers.

Glenwood Canyon Car Accident

CMV collisions are particularly costly due to their tendency to cause extended shutdowns. To combat this issue, CDOT is taking proactive steps by implementing stricter enforcement measures and encouraging legislative action to curb irresponsible driving behaviors. By doing so, they hope to reduce the number of closures caused by CMV crashes so that travelers can enjoy a safer journey through Glenwood Canyon.

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