The Scooter Fad Hits Road Bumps

Chances are if you have visited any metropolitan area lately, you have noticed an army of electric scooters on the streets. Only six months ago, investors were so eager to get into the electric scooter market, that one of the main companies, Bird Rides Inc., was valued at $2 billion.

However, excitement has declined with larger than expected long term expenses, competition, and lawsuits. Bird and similar companies have experience high rates of vandalism, theft, and break down. Bird has assured investors that it will address some of these issues by launching sturdier scooters as well as instigating new locking mechanisms.

Additionally, regulatory challenges and class actions lawsuits continue to be a problem. In Denver, scooters were impounded until further regulations could be put in place.  In October, a class action lawsuit was filed against the scooter companies, alleging “gross negligence” and for “aiding and abetting assault.” A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles receives multiple calls per day from injured riders. She claims “they are less stable than bicycles for a variety of reasons. They have a shorter wheelbase and they have smaller wheels, so they’re going to be affected by any defects in the pavement.”

The future of scooters remains to be seen, but likely riders will begin seeing changes to the industry, including increased safety features, for one.

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