Testimonial: Bad Trip, Good Lawyer

The below is a review recently left for RKV Law’s Vail lawyer, Ryan Kalamaya:

Ryan is fantastic. Truly. This man clearly has a great deal of integrity in handling his cases, and helped me tremendously with mine. He is energetic and charismatic, doesn’t judge his clients, and connects with you on a human level to boot.

I was in a tight spot, I had been arrested for felony possession a couple weeks prior. It was the result of a bad trip on acid, and a tab left over that the police confiscated. It was my first offense, and I was scared having never been on that side of the law or knowing what could happen to me as a result. I had “volunteered” more information to the police than was prudent due to my being under the influence, and had given them enough evidence for significant consequences.

I switched lawyers to Ryan, as I quickly realized that the first lawyer I hired had little experience handling criminal cases and that I needed a better lawyer to handle my case. I found him through this site and thought with glowing reviews, there must be something there. As soon as I contacted Ryan and expressed interest in his service he started taking care of the necessary paperwork and got involved in my case. He always kept me up to date with the newest word, replied to my emails in a timely manner, and handled everything in a very professional manner.

In the end Ryan worked out a plea bargain where I settled for a misdemeanor conviction that had drastically reduced the consequences for my mistake, which I gladly accepted. I’m still enduring the consequences of my actions, but probation and fines are a lot easier to handle than potentially years in jail. Not to mention, Ryan’s fees are quite reasonable for the services he provides.

Go with him. You won’t regret it.

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