Divorce at Altitude: A Podcast on Colorado Family Law by Ryan Kalamaya & Amy Goscha

Divorce at Altitude Podcast

Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha are the founding partners of an innovative and ambitious law firm that pushes the boundaries to discover new frontiers in family law, personal injuries, and criminal defense in Colorado.

In this episode, Ryan and Amy introduce Divorce at Altitude: A Podcast on Colorado Family Law. Each week, they will provide tips and recommendations on issues related to divorce, separation, and co-parenting in Colorado. Ryan’s 6-year-old daughter, Colby, makes a cameo appearance in the trailer.

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Divorce at Altitude: Trailer

Ryan Kalamaya   
Hey everyone, I’m Ryan Kalamaya. 

Amy Goscha   
And I’m Amy Goscha. 

Ryan Kalamaya   
Welcome to Divorce at Altitude, a podcast on Colorado Family Law. 

Amy Goscha   
Divorce is not easy. It really sucks. Trust me, I know. Besides being an experienced divorce attorney, I’m also a divorce client.  

Ryan Kalamaya   
Whether you are someone considering divorce, or you’re a fellow family law attorney listening for weekly tips and insight into topics related to divorce co-parenting and separation in Colorado.

Well, There sure are law podcasts out there. I saw a statistic that said that there were 1.75 million podcasts as of February of 2021 when we were recording this trailer. I mean, even my daughter Colby has channeled her inner Renee Brown and gotten into podcasting. 

Colby Kalamaya   
Hi, everybody. My name is Colby Kalamaya. And I really like pandas, because they’re so fluffy and white and black. Do you know why I called it my podcast? Um that’s because we unlock secrets.  

Ryan Kalamaya   
Unfortunately, divorce is anything but fluffy pandas. Nevertheless, Amy and I thought that an approachable insider’s view of Colorado family law would fill a gap in the podcasting world. We’ve learned a lot about love, marriage, divorce, and parenting over the past decade of doing this kind of work. For those that prefer video instead of audio podcasts, many of our episodes, especially our conversations with experts will be videotaped and posted on our law firms YouTube channel, so please subscribe or follow this podcast. Check us out on YouTube to catch future episodes. We’re going to kick things off with a story from Amy, Me, and our hypothetical divorce client Eric Wolff on our next episode. Until then, thanks. Please subscribe. 

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