Dissolution of RKV Law

Prenup and marital agreements
The team at RKV Law is excited, but also a bit sad, to announce that the firm will be disbanding as of December 15, 2017. The members of the firm will be embarking on new endeavors that further refine the concentrations that each has developed. It has been amazing to watch the firm grow from scratch over the past four years. In the course of that growth, we have realized that we and our clients will be best served by a more boutique approach to the practice of law. While we will no longer be under the same banner, the bitter becomes sweet as we know intuitively that we will not lose the camaraderie and professional support that drew us together in the first place.

Alpenglow Law, LLC

Dan Reynolds and T.J. Voboril are the co-founding partners of Alpenglow Law, LLC, purveyors of mountain town legal services and headquartered in the Vail Valley. The duo will continue to assist homeowners associations in navigating the tricky waters of governance, management, collections, and litigation. Additionally, Dan will carry forward his focus on real estate and business transactions, planning, and counsel. T.J. remains dedicated to resolving disputes of all types, whether through civil litigation, mediation, appeals, or conflict avoidance counseling. Dan may be reached at (970) 331-5321 or dan@alpenglowlaw.com. T.J. can be contacted at (970) 306-6456 or tj@alpenglowlaw.com.

Kalamaya | Goscha

Ryan Kalamaya, Amy Goscha, and Georgina Melbye will spin off from RKV Law to form a litigation and trial team at Kalamaya | Goscha. They will continue to focus on solving personal disputes and fighting for individuals faced with divorce, child custody, personal injury, and criminal defense in the Roaring Fork and Vail Valleys.
Ryan serves as managing partner and aims to take his trial practice to the next level. He can be reached at ryan@kalamaya.law and (970) 812-3437. Amy looks forward to continuing her focus on to resolve disputes for families faced with divorce and child custody issues. She can be contacted at amy@kalamaya.law and (970) 306-6178. Georgina will be an associate attorney focusing on divorce, child custody, personal injury, and criminal defense. She can be contacted at georgina@kalamaya.law and (970) 315-2092. Kalamaya | Goscha recently added a seasoned and skilled paralegal, Rachel Brisson, to round out the team. Her email is rachel@kalamaya.law.

The firm’s general line (970) 315-2365 will remain the same. Kalamaya | Goscha’s new website will go live in a few weeks, and more information can be found at Kalamaya Goscha. Ryan, Georgina, Amy and Rachel look forward to obtaining extraordinary results for their clients inside and out of the courtroom.

Silversmith Legal

Christopher Silversmith is the founder of Silversmith Legal, and will continue his focus on estate planning, domestic and international tax, and estate administration. Earlier this year, Chris successfully negotiated the transition of Allen Hoffman’s long-time estate planning practice in the Vail Valley, and he is excited to continue to be a resource for those in the Vail and Roaring Fork Valleys no matter the complexity of their planning needs. Chris can be contacted at (970) 306-6449 or cls@silversmithlegal.com.

Next Steps

Although we will go by different names, nothing should change from the client’s perspective: each will still receive the same extraordinary, efficient, and compassionate services that defined RKV Law. We remain ever thankful for all of your support over the years and we look forward to continuing to assist you with your respective legal needs.
If you have an active matter with RKV Law, the attorney who has been handling your matter will be in contact shortly to discuss the firm’s transition.

Best wishes, Dan, Ryan, T.J., Amy, Chris, and Georgina
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