Georgina MelbyeAssociate Attorney

My Story

I have had the good fortune to live in spectacularly beautiful places. Originally from Nantucket, my family moved to Boulder in 1998. I grew up on a farm just north of town where we grew hay and raised horses. A farm, even a small one like ours, is an extraordinary amount of work. Though at times the chores were daunting, the joy of working with and training young horses is indescribable.

As a competitive horseback rider growing up, I spent the entirety of my summers, and weekends during the school year, at competitions. Horseback riding is an individual sport. Even though I was competing against other riders, my performance was based solely on my riding and skill. I pushed myself to always improve on my last ride. If I fell off, I got right back on – even, one time, when I had two fractures in my right leg. This self-driven passion motivated me growing up and continues to motivate me professionally.

Through the support of my family and access to academic challenge at Boulder High, I found myself heading off to attend college at Cornell University. I immediately joined the women’s varsity equestrian team. Unlike my prior equestrian competitions, college competition is a team event. The riding is still done individually (thankfully), but the accumulated points of each rider determine the team’s success. Practices were at 5:45 am, and in the dead of winter, during sub zero temperatures, our heated barn felt balmy at 32 degrees. Our team attracted a dedicated, hard-working group of women. I rode with the team throughout my college career and was elected as Captain my junior and senior year.

As much as I enjoyed my time in upstate New York, Colorado was still home. I said goodbye to the East and headed back to Boulder to pursue my two other passions: law and skiing.

My currently diverse legal practice requires skills from all facets of my life. As a child of divorce, I am familiar with the challenges of domestic relations cases from a personal and legal perspective. No matter the case, I strive to offer legal advice that will serve your personal objectives while simultaneously ensuring the best outcome consistent with statute and case law.

When I am not in the office or on the slopes, you can find me running, hiking, and generally enjoying the beauty of the Roaring Fork Valley.