Social Media During a Divorce

Going through divorce is stressful. We often turn to social media as an outlet to voice our opinions, seeking support from friends, or simply to keep up on news. If you are contemplating divorce or in the middle of a divorce, make the following five considerations to avoid as you look through your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds:

1. Posting About What You Think of Your Ex-Spouse:

While it may feel good to tell the world what you really think about your ex-spouse, social media is not the forum. Remember that what you post on social media can end up as an exhibit in court.

2. Sharing Photos of Your Vacation

Money and finances are always at issue in a divorce. The court and the attorneys involved in your case are reviewing the money you earn and spend. You do not want the judge to review photos of you on a beach when your ex-spouse is requesting support for the children.

3. Adding your New Boyfriend/Girlfriend

If you have minor children, you should avoid posting about your boyfriend/girlfriend on social media. Your ex-spouse may attempt to bring your new boyfriend/girlfriend in as a witness.

4. Soliciting Friends to Testify in Court

If your divorce is contentious, it is natural to try and build the strongest case possible. You should avoid soliciting the entire social media universe to rally against your ex-spouse. You should discuss how to obtain favorable witnesses through your attorney.  

5. Posting Photos of Your Children

In Colorado, the determination of parenting time hinges on the “best interest of the children.” If you have children, keep their photos off your social media account. For example, that silly photo of the baby holding the empty beer bottle is suddenly not so funny in divorce court.

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