Contingent Fees for Personal Injury Cases

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Personal injury accidents can cause a variety of financial losses and unanticipated expenses. Victims often find themselves wondering how they will ever be able to afford an attorney to represent them.

Kalamaya | Goscha accepts cases on what is know as a “contingency basis”. Contingent fee agreements allow clients to pay no money upfront for their representation. Additionally, no legal fees will be due unless a successful outcome is achieved. Furthermore, you only pay fees if we obtain a financial recovery. At Kalamaya | Goscha we believe that injured individuals and families should be able to hire an experienced Colorado personal injury law firm.

How a Contingency Fee Agreement Works:

A contingency fee is paid out of the settlement, judgment, or verdict proceeds of a personal injury case. For example, if the case settles out of court, the contingency fee and expenses will be paid out of the settlement proceeds and a net check will be issued to the plaintiff at the end of the case. If the case goes to trial and the jury awards money, the attorney’s fee will be paid out of the total jury award.

Once a client has hired Kalamaya | Goscha, lawsuit expenses such as filing fees, deposition costs, medical record copying fees, expert witness fees and other attorney fees will be paid upfront by our firm. The injured party being represented will not be responsible for paying significant fees related to their case. The contingent fee agreement will clearly state the proportion of the total recovery to be paid to the attorney as compensation for their work throughout the case.

What if nothing is recovered?

If you do not recover anything in your case via settlement or jury trial, you will not be charged an attorney’s fee under a contingency fee agreement. As such, your personal injury attorney has a tremendous incentive to work hard on your case and obtain a favorable settlement or jury verdict for you.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers at Kalamaya | Goscha will be able to help you decide whether you should accept an insurance company’s settlement offer or take your case to trial. Our attorneys will also be able to let you know how much money you will get if you decide to accept an insurance company’s settlement offer in your personal injury case.