Family Law & Divorce Attorney Fees

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Initial Consultations

Our family law and divorce attorney fees include a $300 charge for up to one hour of initial consultation with one of our divorce lawyers. We charge for an initial consultation because you will be receiving legal advice. Additionally, once you have come into our office for a consultation, even if you don’t retain us, we may be precluded from representing the other party.

Payment can be made by clicking here.

Fixed Fees and Alternative Billing Agreements

Due to demand, we have developed a program where fees are fixed and known ahead of time. For example, we will agree on a set amount for a half- or full-day hearing. The fixed fee will cover all work preparing for the hearing, including witness interviews, legal research, filing evidentiary or related motions, organizing and endorsing exhibits, and the time in court representing you. Our clients appreciate knowing how much filing a motion, engaging in mediation or going to trial will cost ahead of time.

Hourly Rate

We normally represent clients in family law cases and bill according to how much time we spend on the case. Below are our current rates:

Ryan Kalamaya – $425 per hour

Amy Goscha – $375 per hour

Georgina Melbye – $325 per hour

Michael Wilmore– $200 per hour

Anna Lange – $150 per hour

Retainers for Hourly Agreements

We generally offer two levels of representation when billing clients on a time basis. If the scope of our representation is limited to consulting with you on your case, the retainer amount is $2,500. For full-service representation we require $5,000. If the case is set for a hearing, we normally require a retainer of at least $7,500 for cases handled by Amy and Georgina. For cases where Ryan is the lead attorney, a retainer of $10,000 is required a month ahead of the hearing. If your matter is extraordinary complex or contentious, we may request a higher amount.

The retainer is an advance towards fees and costs for your case. It is not a minimum amount. It is not a maximum amount. Your retainer will be held in our trust (COLTAF) account until the last billing cycle. You will need to remain current with all ongoing billing statements. At the end of the case, we will apply the retainer against the final bill and refund any unused monies.

Billing Practices

Billing cycles are monthly and sent via email unless you specifically request otherwise. Through our client portal you will be able to access all bills for your matter. We encourage payment by cash or check, but do accept credit cards for outstanding bills. In addition to our time spent working on your behalf, you are responsible for the cost of filing motions or other legal documents with the court, witness fees, deposition transcripts, experts, outsourced copy costs for hearing exhibit binders and non-routine postage. We will not charge for long-distance phone calls, copies, faxes or meals – those are simply the cost of doing business. We do not nickel and dime our clients.