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This will be like climbing a mountain

You’ve done the research, you’ve weighed your options, you’re tired of waiting, and you know this is going to be like climbing a mountain. The next step is to select the best guide for your journey: an Vail divorce lawyer. If you’re ready, call us at 970-315-2365 and put the process safely in one of our Vail divorce attorney’s hands today.

It wasn’t a perfect life, but it wasn’t bad

You never thought it would come to this. You used to be happy together. Sure, things haven’t been great for awhile, but they were normal. Everything seemed to be in it’s place. There was your weekend routine – one of you would get out for a ride, hike or run while the other watched the kids, or you went skiing at Vail with some friends. It was a nice break from working hard all week. It wasn’t a perfect life, but it wasn’t bad.

We’re here to answer your questions and make sure we find a process that’s the right fit for you and your family.

We know what this is like

Then things changed. Was it the quarantine? You barely remember how the conversation went. You couldn’t sleep afterwards. You haven’t been sleeping well since. All the small things that bothered you before seem trivial now. Is this really happening?

Losing control

You feel like things are escalating quickly. If your mountain bike or car acts up, you take it to a mechanic because he knows more than you do about fixing things. You drop it off, he fixes, and you’re all good.

But this is no oil change. You know that you need to talk with a lawyer for the same reason you need a mechanic for your bike or car. This is out of your element. This is your retirement, your house, your family, your life. You are feel powerless and inept because you can’t control the situation.

Who will get the kids for the holidays? What happens to that 401(k) or IRA balance that you have been incessantly checking lately? How do you tell your parents and friends that you’re getting a divorced?

These things can’t all just be fixed like a bike or car. Nobody knows about your life like you. But how do you move forward when the legal system is complicated?

Why can’t I get answers?

Lawyers are scary. Divorce lawyers are even scarier. We get it. The law seems opaque. Is there such a thing as “full custody?” What’s the difference between community property and equitable division? How much is my business worth?

When your friend got divorced, it seemed like the divorce lawyers made it worse. They all knew each other: Dan, Rohn, Leigh, Andy, etc. One came back with a “take it or leave it” deal and your friend got screwed. Is that going to happen to here?

How will I survive this?

Will I be able to afford a divorce? Are you going to have to pay each time you call a lawyer about your life? Will you have easy access to court files and documents related to your divorce? The take-out place allows you to make an online order from your phone, but lawyers act like email is cutting edge? Why can’t things just go back to normal?

A better way

We are Vail divorce lawyers who regularly deal with high-asset divorces involving complex property issues in East & West Vail, Minturn, Eagle-Vail, and elsewhere in Eagle County. Our office is located at Riverwalk in Edwards. We often work with experts such as CPAs, real estate appraisers or financial advisers to find, characterize, value and obtain the best property divisions for our clients.

Any divorce lawyer can tell you how great they are. We rely on former clients and other lawyers recommending us.

The first step is protecting yourself

You never expected to call a divorce lawyer. No one does. We aren’t the lawyers you want to call. But you’ll be glad when you do.

We’ll set up a confidential meeting over Zoom, FaceTime or phone. We’ll discuss your situation, your family, your fears and the things that matter most to you. You will get an action plan and understanding of your rights and options.

Issues We Handle:

Call us at 970-315-2365 to schedule your consultation.

In all Vail divorces, the court will have to address marital and separate property. If there are kids involved, the court in Eagle County will have to address the allocation of parental responsibilities and child support. Depending on the financial landscape of the case, maintenance/alimony may be an issue. Finally, a Vail divorce court has authority to award attorney’s fees to one party.

Our Vail Divorce Team

Our Vail divorce clients love knowing that Kalamaya | Goscha holds weekly meetings to discuss recent developments in domestic-relations law, their strategy in each case, and the experts and opposing counsel involved to ensure we provide top-notch service. If the lead divorce attorney is in court or on vacation, we always have someone with experience in Vail family law cases that is familiar with your matter and can step in.

For larger, more complex divorces, we frequently staff a partner, associate and paralegal on a case. We never bill for two attorneys working at the same time. The result is cost-savings for our clients because Georgina or Michael Wilmore takes the lead on time-intensive things like discovery and drafting motions. Ryan or Amy is responsible for developing a strategic plan to best position the case for settlement and, if necessary, trial.

How much will this cost me?

We charge $300 for an initial consultation. At the end of your consultation, we will quote you a fixed fee to settle your divorce. If your divorce requires litigation, we will provide you a fee schedule so that you know in advance how much it will cost for a day of trial, mediation or deposition. If you prefer the more traditional billable hour model, we can accommodate your request. We are the only Vail divorce lawyers who work on fixed fees or publish our hourly rates online. To read more about our fixed fees, hourly rates and retainers for your Vail divorce, click here.

Contact us to schedule a consultation

Our motto is that we “Move Mountains” for our Vail clients. To find out more about your rights and what your new life will look like, give us a call at 970-315-2365.