Michael Fox

My Story

I was born and raised in sunny Southern California. Growing up, I loved playing water polo, spending my summers at summer camp, and going to USC football games.

I first thought that I might have a knack for legal work when I joined my high school speech and debate team. Joining the debate team showed me the power of argument and the competitive side of public speaking. I was hooked. My junior and senior years, I went on to the California Speech and Debate State Championships. For me, the argument, the competition was pure fun. For the first time felt that if I could just do something similar in my career, it wouldn’t be work, just fun.

As a young adult, I also went through a situation that resulted in a personal injury case being filed. I experienced the trauma, the pain, and the frustration first hand. Fortunately, I hired great attorneys who not only helped me recover legally but also recover emotionally. Growing from this experience, I learned that I wanted to devote myself where I could help people in need.

I eventually went on to attend law school at University of Colorado Boulder School of Law.  In Law School, I connected with the Colorado State Public Defenders office and started to work for them as an intern. I eventually graduated, and got a job working with the Public Defenders as a trial attorney in El Paso County. I worked there for 2.5 years and represented 100s of people on everything from small misdemeanors to serious felonies. It was an honor to work with the skilled attorneys in the Colorado Public Defenders. Even more, it was an honor to vigorously represent indigent people in the Colorado Springs community.

Moving to Kalamaya | Goscha was a no brainer for me, a high-caliber trial team in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. A firm that helps fight for regular people not corporations.

When I’m not working now, I’m either out for a long run, cooking up a good meal, or hitting the slopes.