Truck Accidents

With up to 80,000 pounds on board, the heavier the load a commercial vehicle is bearing, the greater the potential for catastrophic consequences. If you or someone you love is caught up in that disaster, you face serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. In addition to any injuries, you’ll later be responsible for thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Our truck accident attorney team understand that with a collision of this magnitude, you need dedicated assistance with your recovery and insurance claims.

What To Do After Your Trucking Accident

Contact a Kalamaya | Goscha truck accident attorney immediately, and do not speak to your insurance company without your lawyer. Volunteering any information to your insurance company without consultation of your lawyer may hurt your case. Insurance claim adjusters often settle at far less than what the law allows an injured victim to recover. Allow our experienced personal injury attorneys to take care of your case and ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Truck accidents can be more complicated than a regular auto accident due to the weight of the truck, complex regulations, any hazardous materials a truck may carry, and the overall disastrous aftermath of the accident. Commercial truck insurance adjusters can be aggressive in their tactics, and you will need a professional to defend you to help you receive a fair settlement.