Rates, Retainers and Fixed Fees for DUI/DWAI

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Hourly Rate

Ryan Kalamaya – $405 per hour

Georgina Melbye – $295 per hour

Rachel Brisson – $150 per hour

Retainers & Capped Fees

In contrast to other attorneys, we offer caps on our costs for a DUI instead offering a flat, non-refundable fee due to ethical concerns. The risk of flat fees is it incentivizes a criminal defense attorney to spend as little time on your case as possible. We have seen people pay other attorneys thousands of dollars for less than an hour of work. Instead, we require clients pay a retainer up front and agree to cap our fees to obtain a plea bargain. This benefits the clients in a number of ways.

First, the client is assured that they get what they pay for. If we spend 2 hours to get the case dismissed, you pay for our time and nothing more.

Second, you will know in advance the maximum amount it will cost to resolve the case with a plea bargain. If you want to set the case for a motions hearing or trial, the cap will be lifted and you will pay for our time.

For DUIs with no prior offenses or aggravating circumstances such as injuries or property damage, we normally cap the DUI lawyer fees and costs at $2,750. This includes representation in the DMV revocation process and criminal case. The retainer is the same amount as the cap.

For DUIs with priors, the DUI lawyer fees/retainer and cap is a minimum of $3,750. We will determine the final cap based on the facts and circumstances of your case after discussing things with you.